Thursday, 17 December 2009


what are the odds that u go 2 an interview with experience in student funding (college) and get topped by someone who's done student funding (uni)? i mean really lol that is a bit of an unlucky one!! still, time to sort out my swancoll app! :-)

to add to that, applying for jobs i already do doesn't seem to work either, as i applied a few months back to be paid for one of the jobs i ALREADY DO FOR FREE and na-da. maybe in april it will be considered that i am paid.

and then, like, in june i applied to be paid for a job i had been mostly doing for free for NINE MONTHS and i wasn't even TOLD for 6 weeks that i hadn't got the job!!

sometimes i wonder why i still bother, tho now i am putting togehter an application for a job i used to do (really well) and i would hope to actually get seeings as i can actually do the job lol i wouldn't be surprised with my shitty luck if i didn't get it due to being struck by lightening etc on the day of the interview. or i lost out on interview points, or messed up some stupid data entry test.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

recipe of the day and it aint even lunchtime yet

noodley thing

2 chunks of noodles put in boiled water for a bit til they go a bit soft
3 birds eye chillis chopped up really small
packet of mangetout and sugarsnap peas
the rest of the coriander plant
a big chunk of ginger chopped up into little matchsticks
half a massive white onion, also chopped up in small strips
2 green peppers
a hella load of garlic
3 tsp sugar
generous amount of soysauce
oil, and also some sesame oil later on
some lime on da top

this is where a picture of it will never do justice to how it tastes nom nom nom

Friday, 27 November 2009

Ernie Brooker

this is an awesome website :-) it is made by 84 y/o Ernie Brooker

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

start as i mean to go on...

THE WELSH ALPHABET: (28 letters)

A, B ,C ,Ch, D, Dd, E, F, Ff, G, Ng, H, I, L
Ll, M, N, O, P, Ph, R, Rh, S, T, Th, U, W, Y

(Note that Welsh does not possess the letters J, K, Q, V, X or Z, though you will often come across "borrowings" from English, such as John, Jones, Jam and Jiwbil (Jubilee); Wrexham (Wrecsam); Zw (Zoo).

THE VOWELS: (A, E, I, U, O, W, Y)

A as in man. Welsh words: am, ac Pronounced the same as in English)

E as in bet or echo. Welsh words: gest (guest); enaid (enide)

I as in pin or queen. Welsh words: ni (nee); mi (me); lili (lily); min (meen)

U as in pita: Welsh words: ganu (ganee); cu (key); Cymru (Kumree); tu (tee); un (een)

O as in lot or moe. Welsh words: o'r (0re); don (don); dod (dode); bob (bobe)

W as in Zoo or bus. Welsh words: cwm (koom), bws (bus); yw (you); galw (galoo)

Y has two distinct sounds: the final sound in happy or the vowel sound in myrrh Welsh words: Y (uh); Yr (ur); yn (un); fry (vree); byd (beed)

All the vowels can be lengthened by the addition of a circumflex (ä), known in Welsh as "to bach" (little roof). Welsh words: Tän (taan), län (laan)


Ae, Ai and Au are pronounced as English "eye": ninnau (nineye); mae (my); henaid (henide); main (mine); craig (crige)

Eu and Ei are pronounced the same way as the English ay in pray. Welsh words: deisiau (dayshy), or in some dialects (deeshuh); deil (dale or dile); teulu (taylee or tyelee)

Ew is more difficult to describe. It can be approximated as eh-oo or perhaps as in the word mount. The nearest English sound is found in English midland dialect words such as the Birmingham pronunciation of "you" (yew). Welsh words: mewn (meh-oon or moun); tew (teh-oo)

I'w and Y'w sound almost identical to the English "Ee-you." or "Yew" or "You": Welsh words: clyw (clee-oo); byw (bee-you or b'you); menyw (menee-you or menyou)

Oe is similar to the English Oy or Oi. Welsh words: croeso (croyso); troed (troid); oen (oin)

Ow is pronounced as in the English tow, or low: Welsh word: Rhown (rhone); rho (hrow)

Wy as in English wi in win or oo-ee: Welsh words: Wy (oo-ee); wyn (win); mwyn (mooin)

Ywy is pronounced as in English Howie. Welsh words: bywyd (bowid); tywyll (towith)

Aw as in the English cow. Welsh words: mawr (mour); prynhawn (prinhown); lawr (lour)

For the most part b, d, h, l, m, n, p, r, s, and t are pronounced the same as their English equivalents (h is always pronounced, never silent). Those that differ are as follows:

C always as in cat; never as in since. Welsh words: canu (Kanee); cwm (come); cael (kile); and of course, Cymru (Kumree)

Ch as in the Scottish loch or the German ach or noch. The sound is never as in church, but as in loch or Docherty. Welsh words: edrychwn (edrych oon); uwch (youch ), chwi (Chee)

Dd is pronounced like the English th in the words seethe or them. Welsh words: bydd (beethe); sydd (seethe); ddofon (thovon); ffyddlon (futh lon)

Th is like the English th in words such as think, forth, thank. Welsh words: gwaith (gwithe); byth (beeth)

F as in the English V. Welsh words: afon (avon); fi (vee); fydd (veethe); hyfryd (huvrid); fawr (vowr), fach (vach)

Ff as in the English f. Welsh words: ffynnon (funon); ffyrdd (furth); ffaith (fithe)

G always as in English goat, gore. Welsh words: ganu (ganee); ganaf (ganav); angau (angeye); gem (game)

Ng as in English finger or Long Island. Ng usually occurs with an h following as a mutation of c. Welsh words Yng Nghaerdydd (in Cardiff: pronounced ung hire deethe) or Yng Nghymru (in Wales: pronounced ung Humree)

Ll is an aspirated L. That means you form your lips and tongue to pronounce L, but then you blow air gently around the sides of the tongue instead of saying anything. Got it? The nearest you can get to this sound in English is to pronounce it as an l with a th in front of it. Welsh words: llan (thlan); llawr (thlour); llwyd (thlooid)

Rh sounds as if the h come before the r. There is a slight blowing out of air before the r is pronounces. Welsh words: rhengau (hrengye); rhag (hrag); rhy (hree)

The most common expressions that Welsh-Americans come across are Cymanfa Ganu (Kumanva Ganee); Eisteddfod (Aye-steth-vod); and Noson Lawen (Nosson Lowen)

Read the following, written using the Welsh alphabet:

Gwd lwc. Ai hop ddat yw can ryd ddys and ddat yt meiks sens tw yw. Iff yw can ryd ddys, dden yw ar dwing ffaen and wil haf no problems at ol yn lyrnyng awr ffaen Welsh alffabet.

Good luck: I hope that you can read this, and that it makes sense to you. If you can read this, then you are doing fine and will have no problems at all in learning our fine Welsh alphabet.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

the man

man do i miss my bubble of friends at the college! what a lovely happy safe place to be! for all the annoyances of data entry in the morning they are such a lovely team to be in.

and now i'm out, where am i?

back to being relief really, bottom of the pecking order in a few places no real power to change much, less voice and less support. this isn't a failing of my other workplaces, they are lovely too, but at a part time relief volunteer backup spacefiller you can't help but realise you aint fully part of it!

i had a dream last night that i fought the man and lost. maybe i am reading too much jezebel. i also could do with another job quicktime. i'm hoping that my trip home this weekend will improve rather than ruin my spirits!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

the internet

i was googleing for my favourite weather presenter, tom chakalaka and i found this rant on a forum.

"Why oh why are so many female BBC weather presenters pregnant?

What is the thought process behind their being the choice for this job?

In no other programme are so many pregnant women chosen. They are even chosen to front the programmes if it is obvious that they are pregnant to begin with.

It seems to be some kind of positive bias - non-pregnant women and men need not apply!"

i dunno where to start and i loled so much i thought i would share it.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


good: mel is on her way here w00p!!

bad: i'm still ill

ugly: snot is ugly lol

Sunday, 4 October 2009

going rouge

rogue –noun 1. a dishonest, knavish person; scoundrel.
2. a playfully mischievous person; scamp
3. a tramp or vagabond.
4. a rogue elephant or other animal of similar disposition.
5. Biology. a usually inferior organism, esp. a plant, varying markedly from the normal.

–verb (used without object) 6. to live or act as a rogue.

–verb (used with object) 7. to cheat.
8. to uproot or destroy (plants, etc., that do not conform to a desired standard).
9. to perform this operation upon: to rogue a field.

–adjective 10. (of an animal) having an abnormally savage or unpredictable disposition, as a rogue elephant.
11. no longer obedient, belonging, or accepted and hence not controllable or answerable; deviating, renegade: a rogue cop; a rogue union local.

1. villain, trickster, swindler, cheat, mountebank, quack. See knave

(sarah palin has a book out, i thought i'd post these definitions of 'rouge')

ill kiddie

i am not very well.

i am totally not used to this, i picked up a bad cough on friday and was too run down to fight it and then it became a full blown cold.

i guess this is what i deserve for this weekend, where i climbed along a wall, tried to sail a boat and build a bridge, built a raft and paddled it around, got soaked quite a few times, took a couple of cold showers, ate canteen food and didn't sleep enough.

tough as the weekend was the people on my course are stars and i am well glad i went!

but yeh, i'm gunna need a few days off work to recover from this. dave is making me a niace curry i can smell it which means it must be good!! :-)

mel visits soon and i would like to be over this by then, i should be anyway!

Saturday, 12 September 2009


this be a post. the post that is the most.

Friday, 11 September 2009

community profilling

i'm doin a community profile on an area in swansea that i've only been to once, so i'm trying to explore using my good friend the internet.

so i'm on google earth, checkin out the place and i find the map hovering over a graveyard, so i scroll out like and say to d & owen 'goddam that's a big mutherfkr of a graveyard! jaaaysus! how many dead people live here??'

uh.. none.. i need to get to bed.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

social notworking, and the joy of bread time

tonight i did not have work, a meeting, or a placement. i probably have stuff to do but i thought i'd write a simple blag post about how naice it is to just hang around with dave n owen and go for a walk along the beach and a mince around tescos.

we got some naice bread which i have eaten most of, i love bread so much, if i could eat nice fresh bread with stuff on it forever i would not be upset. esp if that stuff included peanut butter, butter, jam, tomatoes, cucumber and burger sauce. not all together, obv. but some things together.

in other news, owen brought himself a sharpie tonight. yes.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


there's this video that's been making the rounds on youtube about texting and driving, and if i were not far too nervous a driver to even attempt texting whilst driving then it would have deffo put me off this one!

it's a lot grim

but worth a watch.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


my course re starts on saturday.

yeh i guess i am a bit of a grumpuss about yet another 6 day week, esp one with 3 evenings work too, and a particularly annoying battle with landpeople over woodlaminate flooring, and the car going a bit wrong..

but i am kinda looking forward to it, i missed youth werk, i haven't done any for a month. i lie actually i have done a couple of saturdays, but it doesn't feel like i've been at a proper youth club type place where we do stuff like activities and things...

also yeh i suppose i've logged a few more hours than usual working directly with young people, but then, talking to them about income tax isn't really the same as making fires in woods and cooking things on them, and making stuff out of twigs in mud.

so yeh, though i hate writing, i'm approaching this chunk of course with a more practical, uh, outlook? i just wanna get it done, write that i learned stuff, 'reflect on my practice' in all the proper ways and get my qualification so i can settle into a nice little youth work job or 5 and perhaps start referring to myself as a proper person with a career.

i can't wait to start properly in this new place, i met the other staff yesterday and they seem awesome. i am well looking forward to it.

soon i will be lookin at a 9-5 with 2 evenings of placement, 1 late and one after work course. sundays will again become SACRED!! :-)

that'll do for updates. .


what's this (points to tickbox on the funding form next to the word 'childcare')
that's if you want childcare
do i need to tick it?
yeh, if you want childcare...
do i need childcare?
do you have a child?
well then you don't need to tick the box.

i keep on having this conversation. i might have to include it on my 'your bus pass funding made easy' sheet. these kids are our future.

Sunday, 6 September 2009


new shoes

took over three hours to find/get...


i haven't written anything on here cuz i got a job and i moved house. both of which are proper time consuming. i don't do much at the moment that isn't a chore or work.

however, due to this 'work' buisness, i am now earning both money and the excuse/ability to improve things in my general life that are not *completly* rubbish, but could probably do with improving.

for example, i own 2 towels. both of these towels predate my current and previous relationships. to conclude, i've had em since i was at school. they both still do the job, but tbh, the piggehs have better quality towels than i do, so i might replace them both. (the towels, not the piggehs)

for another example, my shoes have a hole in them the size of a 1p. cracks in the soles mean i have to avoid even the smallest of puddles. this is not the best good plan really, living in the rainiest city in the uk means that ideally, you wear wellies.

that reminds me, my wellies have holes in too, i could do with some new ones.

also needed is a microwave, our current one is probably older than i am, it sparks and it makes the flat smell of burning. i have been eating cold ready brek this week and it's only just occurred to me that life doesn't have to be like this.

Friday, 21 August 2009


loz from the onion


also, war is socialised in america right? i don't see anyone popping out to make private war contributions or pay their war bill? how can you socialise killing but not saving? or indeed, 'liberating' other countries but not letting families go bankrupt because their kid got sick?

there's some very strange peoples over there..

Monday, 17 August 2009



last night i thought of a list of reasons that ladyboobs are totally stupid and unnecessary outside of their mammaly purpose of feeding behbehs. here is some of my list, feel free to add to it.

they can be heavy

they can hurt their owners backs

they require expensive housing

this housing is ill fitted and often impractical

they can require extensive support

they carry a 1 in 10 risk of developing cancer

other mammals do not seem to need them unless they are nursing

they get in the way of sleep and stuff and can stop you lying like a splat to sleep

they are usually different sizes to each other

they are rarely 'correct'

they do not alter to fit clothing trends

if they are altered, it is expensive and painful

someone will probably judge the owner of some boobs about the size, location or general presentation of said boobs

they can impair running and other activities

they can cause teenagers massive embarrassment

they can cause some males and females to act differently, despite their owners wishes

they require coverage in public, by law in some places

they distract people

they always predict the weather wrong.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

things i hate on facebook

i'm in a grumpuss mood so i will make a list.

1. the word 'random' - even the best people do it.
2. people being bored and writing 'is bored' as their status update.
3. people claiming their favourite cars are something jeremy clarkson talked about once, when they've probably never seen one or driven one in the flesh before
4. people who post fecking huge albums of rubbish (like me)
5. people who write 'BSc' after their names.
6. people who join groups claiming they like 'rough sex' -- uh... i didn't really wanna know that on friending you...

Thursday, 6 August 2009

books and the beast

was thinking about disney this morning, mainly about books in beauty & the beast.

the beast gives belle a library.
Is this an awesome romantic gesture?
or does he just have a big old library that's been handed down thru generations that he isn't really that interested in?
does the beast read? it'd be nice if he did, they'd have something more in common then...

also, what does belle read anyway, i dunno how to make this point without sounding like a booksnob, but looking thru the first song she seems to read jack & the beanstalk, and Cinderella. lots about prince charming. (or so she sings to the sheep) her book also contains pictures. fair does etc, but i wonder what the deal is with her apparently being so clever when she reads only fairy tales and oldskool chicklit.

i kinda hoped belle would be reading about something else. i dunno what...

and i wish she would stop singing about how her villiage is full of simple little people. stfu belle.

that said, it might be the 'best' disney princess film.. erk i will have to think on that.

i always liked mulan, but i am now scared to watch it again in case i notice shit like outlined above.... it would ruin it :-(

Sunday, 2 August 2009

a sketch for teh mello

yes i know o has already pointed out that it's not an SLR lol and there are a million things wrong here lol but thats not the point :-P

Friday, 31 July 2009

another dream

i had another dream where a guy who owned a guinea pig willj was playing with told me that if you reverse parked in a certain space in the carpark at disneyland paris, you got a seat in the house of commons.

Guinea Pig

To see a guinea pig in your dream, represents your need to be more responsible and attentive. Alternatively, it suggests that through experimentation and taking risks, you learn how and how not to do something. You learn from your mistakes.


To see your or someone else's pet in your dream, represents civilized instincts. You are keeping your temper in line. Alternatively, it indicates a need for love and acceptance. You are lacking attention from others and are feeling neglected.

Parking Lot

To dream that you are in parking lot, suggests that you need to slow down and take some time to relax from your daily activities.

To dream that you cannot find a parking space, indicates your inability to find your place in life. You may still be on your quest to find your talent or niche where you belong. Alternatively, it may reflect your busy life and the lack of time you have.

Seat Belt

To dream that you are wearing a seat belt in your dream, suggests that you need to work on controlling your emotions. Remain compose and do not fall apart in any situation.

To dream that you are having trouble putting on your seat belt, indicates that you are worried about what is ahead in your future.


To dream that you are driving a vehicle, signifies your life's journey and your path in life. The dream is telling of how you are moving and navigating through life.

To dream that you are driving a car in reverse, suggests that you are experiencing major setbacks in your goals. In particular, if you drive in reverse into a pool of water, then it means that you emotions are literally holding you back.


To dream that you are in Paris, symbolizes your need for romance and passion. It also suggests that you are a person of distinction. You own personal experiences and knowledge of Paris will supercede the suggested interpretation here.


To dream that you are part of parliament, represents your leadership abilities. You need to speak up about some public matter. Alternatively, it that you are seeking the spotlight or looking for attention.


To dream that you or someone has a secret, represents hidden power. It suggests that something needs to emerge from your unconscious.

dreams (copied off mel)

After hearing that teh mello had a dream she was a pregnant blonde wearing an orange jumpsuit flirting with a zac efron look alike i decided to analyse my own dream, in which i drank purple bucks fizz in a hot tub with (amoungst others) katie price and peter andre.

Alcohol To dream that you are consuming alcohol in excess, signifies feelings of inadequacy, worries, regrets and fears of being discovered for who you really are. You are using alcohol as a way to escape or as an excuse for something you did. Alternatively, the dream may be reflective of waking issues and problems of alcoholism.

Beverage To drink a beverage in your dream, represents your ability to understand and take in a new idea or concept. The dream may be analogous to your thirst for knowledge. Consider the type of beverage for additional meaning.

Bikini To dream that you are wearing a bikini, suggests that you are feeling exposed. You may feel unprotected emotionally. It may also signal a return to innocence or youth. Alternatively, it indicates superficial desires.

Celebration To dream of a celebration, represents your achievement toward a higher level of growth. This dream may also be a self-congratulatory one for the goals you have achieved and for the recognition you have gained. You may be honoring some victory, success, or accomplishment. Alternatively, to dream of a celebration, symbolizes freedom and emotional release. Celebration dreams are common for those who anticipate some upcoming turning points or events in their waking life.

To see a celebrity in your dream, represents your beliefs and understanding about him or her. Something in you waking life has triggered these similar beliefs and feelings. It is not uncommon that your obsession with a certain celebrity may carry over onto your dream world. Celebrities are often seen as heroes and all that is mighty. Also consider any puns within the name.

To dream that you are good friends with a celebrity, represents your idealized version of someone you know in your life. Perhaps you hope that a real-life friend can act more like a particular celebrity. Consider the qualities that you see in this celebrity and how you want your friends to have those qualities.

Hot Tub
To dream that you are in a hot tub, indicates that you are unveiling aspects of your unconscious. Alternatively, it refers to relaxation and recuperation. You are looking to escape from your daily problems. The dream may also be a metaphor suggests that you are in a lot of hot water or that you are in deep trouble.

So on the plus side, my dream means i am an innocent youth dealing with new stuff well, want to relax and recuperate, celebrating my victories.

and on the negatives, i'm an alcoholic obsessed with reality tv stars, i'm in deep trouble, vulnerable and scared, and i wish my friends were more like katie price.

Monday, 27 July 2009


from the very talented snowmantle

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

still DRE!

Using only songs from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 25 people you like (including me). You can't use the artist I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "My Life According to (ARTIST NAME)".

Pick Your Artist:
Dr Dre

Are you male or female?
Bitches aint shit

Describe yourself:
Lyrical Assault Weapon!

How do you feel?
Guilty Conscience.

Describe where you currently live:
California, love!

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
East Coast West Coast Killaz!

Your favourite form of transportation:
Light Speed

Your best friend is:

Your favourite colour is:
Murder Ink

What is the weather like?
High Powered

Favourite time of day?
Blunt time!

If your life was a T.V. show, what would it be called?
The Next Episode

What is life to you?
Puffin On Bunts and Drankin Tanqueray

Your relationships:
Bitchez aint Shit!

Your fear:
Natural born Killaz!

What is the best advice you have to give?
No Ones Iller than me!

If you could change your name, you would change it to:
Still D.R.E

Thought for the day:
Pause for Porno

How I would like to die:
The Drs Office

My soul's present condition:
Bad Intentions / Guilty Conscience

My Motto:
Buttin but a 'g' thang baby!!

some stupid fb thing

Using only songs from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 25 people you like (including me). You can't use the artist I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "My Life According to (ARTIST NAME)".

Pick Your Artist:

Are you male or female?
Bitch, Please II.

Describe yourself:

How do you feel?
Under the Influence

Describe where you currently live:
8 Mile Road...

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
(say goodbye to) Hollywood

Your favourite form of transportation:
As the world turns?

Your best friend is:
Ken Kaniff

Your favourite colour is:
White (America)

What is the weather like?

Favourite time of day:
When i'm gone

If your life was a T.V. show, what would it be called?
Public Service Announcement

What is life to you?
Like toy soldiers

Your relationships:
My dad's gone crazy

Your fear:

What is the best advice you have to give?
Lose yourself

If you could change your name, you would change it to:
Real Slim Shady

Thought for the day:
Just don't give a f***!

How I would like to die:
One Shot 2 Shot

My soul's present condition:
Bad Meets Evil

My Motto:
Still don't give a f***!

tocco flavoured keeses lol

w00p new phoen on the way!!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


or at least what i imagine work to be like...

from comics

a young anders, an angry maria

anders & lena

more drawings

all pen ones, i have a new pen, it's a bit thick.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


have gone away til saturday to spend some time eating grass and meeting ladypiggehs. one of them is actually called lady, the other is sandy. :-) lucky piggehs.

Monday, 6 July 2009

monday efforts

little maria
teen maria
a person (i was tryin to fit a whole person on a page, it's really
another personage

Sunday, 5 July 2009

and 1 more..

lazin around

another one...

drawin, continued.

my new hobby has now lasted 3 days. i see things wrong (badly wrong) in all of these, and keep wanting to do something better next time! u might recognise some of these..

a new hobby

i picked up a pencil the other day, as a result of some inspirational people getting me some pencils, and me having a gap in my life that needed filling /emo.

i kicked off with pintsize (i thought he'd be easy to draw..) and maria, whose hands are not how i'd like them to be, but at least she's aware of it. i hope i keep this up, it's really fun to do!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

waiting for an important call...

me: i am bored
swede: well you could go and.. *lists chores that need doing in town*
me: i cant go to town and just wander round on my own!! what if the phone rings i'll be like BAAGAGGJHHH!!
*phone rings*
*picks up phone*
colin from edf energy: hi this is colin from edf energy


Wednesday, 1 July 2009

ode to spot

Felis catus is your taxonomic nomenclature,
An endothermic quadruped, carnivorous by nature;
Your visual, olfactory, and auditory senses
Contribute to your hunting skills and natural defenses.

I find myself intrigued by your subvocal oscillations,
A singular development of cat communications
That obviates your basic hedonistic predilection
For a rhythmic stroking of your fur to demonstrate affection.

A tail is quite essential for your acrobatic talents;
You would not be so agile if you lacked its counterbalance.
And when not being utilized to aid in locomotion,
It often serves to illustrate the state of your emotion.

O Spot, the complex levels of behavior you display
Connote a fairly well-developed cognitive array.
And though you are not sentient, Spot, and do not comprehend,
I nonetheless consider you a true and valued friend.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

twitter - why i'm warming to it...

i'm warming to it, i mean, at first i was like, 'yeh but it's just a load of facebook status updates'

but then i was like 'ah, its JUST a load of facebook status updates - cool!'

no annoying applications
ditto ads
no selective adverts
no groups

sounds really stupid
not many ppl on it
fonts r small
some really annoying people use it (tho i guess you can just not follow them)
'follow'ing people sounds really weird and stalky...


me: ... and then they'll spend it on cars which they'll probably go out and stack...
j: stack?
me: yeh stack, u know, like crash
j: who even says that?
me: what! don't you live in crawley anymore?
j: yeh i don't live in crawley like 5 years ago
me: aw. :-( omg i am totally OLD now.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

leaving double

at the start of my 22nd year, i had 2 part time jobs, and was doing a youth work course.

i finish my 22nd year with 2 part time jobs, and i'm doing a part time youth work course.

to say i stalled this year...

maybe 23 will be the year i actually get somewhere in the werld of werk and training. we can but dream!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


so i get an invite to this anti bnp group. i go have a look, and i like what i find, reasoned, point by point easy made attacks on the bnp. safe.

here it is.

there's also a site linked called 'nothing british' which is a pretty good blog, and carefully lays down it's criticisms, which include this list of crimes party members, supporters and councellors have been convicted of and this list of examples of what bnp folks actually do once they get into any sort of power.

once you get into the fb group there's the usual discussions, in which people feed the trolls, who seem to be about 17, young chris and jamie are interesting.

jamie claims to have left school because his teachers were black and asian, and as a result, his written english is difficult to understand.

"...and no icaint read or write coz i never went to skl coz all the teacher were black or asian and i could not understand them so that is y i never went to skl"


there's a 15 year old who argues beautifully against jamie and chris. she can't spell either, and she says as much. she bravely questions the lads, asking if they have any non white friends, asks him to define 'real' british people, and pointing out that the drum n bass these kids listen to come from black communities. she argues, patiently and persistently, without drowning the lads in long arguments that they probably wont be reading anyway.

i think she does a great job.

when other commenters taunt one of the lads saying he should be in special school she points out that being in 'special school' shouldn't be used as an insult, and it doesn't mean you can't read and write. 'hey i no of ppl tht go to special skls n they r not tht thick n he can obviously read n write. probs better thn me' - the good point as well being if the lad cant read or write, how are they having a multi page debate with him?

why should this poor girl have to put up with this shit from what i am guessing are highly educated people? why does it matter that either side have bad spelling or crappy grammar? i mean sometimes things can get a bit tricky to inderstand but it wasn't the case here. this girl is putting up a better / more relavant fight than the other commenters, she knows her audience.

it is not the people who attack with snotty comments like this...

Once again we are presented with the irony that BNP supporters are unable to write fluently in their native language.

Hahahahaha you really can't spell can you? This just shows how uneducated, naive and stupid you are :)

Jamie you are either a) very young or b) practically illiterate, either way, until you learn to spell & use laguage properly its very hard to take you seriously

i guess Jamie is a true representative of the BNP, naive, dyslexic and ill read

...that will bring the change. insulting people does not work! attack the ideas not the spelling! debate does not need to get personal like that! you are more likely to get somewhere with something that a person can quickly go 'oh yeh!' to and then grow from than insults and long winded rants with long werds about how thoughougly you have researched the issue. that's just peacocking.

people like ellen are the future.

and i and anyone else who is naive, dyslexic and ill read, should apparently go and join the bnp! :-O

Monday, 15 June 2009

the mid 20s crisis

as i shim from my 'early' 20s to 'mid' i have seen a fair few people thinking out loud about that mid 20s crisis. now's my turn.

having been lucky enough to have never thought i was in a crisis when i might have been (does that even make sense?) i almost wonder if it would be a good thing, but gone are the days, if there ever were those days, where i crave indecicivness, confusion and emo soul searching.

for me, the mid 20s crisis has always been 'am i a worthwhile human being and a good use of resources' (stupid business studies, 'am i a viable product'...ARGH)

i am happier now, i know what i want and even though i sometimes feel like i'm not getting anywhere fast, at least i know what i want and am heading in one of the right directions.

i'm more confident now. i look back on photos of myself at times when i deemed myself so worthless i should never have ventured out of my room, and instead of thinking 'well, i was pretty ugly and stupid looking then, maybe i should have stayed in.' i find myself wanting to go back in time and shake that person with no self esteem. tell her she is reasonable looking and certainly not offensive unless of course you listen to her which nobody does anyway because we are all stupid people with a lot to learn.

i am not more well-off now LOL

i am further from home now

i am busier now

i have purpose now?

this is long. monday morning.

Friday, 12 June 2009

madonna gets her baby...

a court ruled madonna could have a little girl from malawi.

madonna wasn't in the courtroom.

she hasn't complied with residency laws.

the child has family, but no money.

madonna brought this kid, fair and square.

i hope she is happy with her purchase.

(in other news, my grandad pointed out that by the time he was my age, he had 3 children, and i am childless. my grandad tells it like it is! perhaps i should go buy a child...)

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

on the bnp

heavy i know.

there is some dude on the telly that thinks you can't have a dialogue with the bnp, because

"they say the holocaust didn't happen, what are you gunna say, 'yes it did?'" uh YES that's exactly what you say. you don't resort to throwing eggs at people, or denying people who will vote for them the right to vote.

you take their manifesto, and you go through it, point by point if necessary, and you demonstrate the enormous holes in their arguments. ITS NOT HARD, PEOPLE, THIS PARTY ARE IDIOTS!

the rest of us are better than this, we don't need to be throwing eggs at people or not allowing them to speak. 10% of people in some places gave the bnp their votes. those people are real. you can't take away someones democratic right because you disagree with them, no matter how disgusting you find their ideas. we can't and shouldn't silence them, in time the bnp will expose themselves as the horrible, illogical and wrong people they are, and people need to see it.

and in time, they will.

Monday, 8 June 2009

brilliant (moving) video

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

drugs, picturessss, and stupid s key.

jusssssst finsihed my OCN level one (for those that do not know, it is the equivalent of a d grade gcse) in drugs awareness 4 teh individual. i now feel more aware of drugs, individually. it is a cute little course and i look forward to helping yoofs thru it in future.

in other news, rene engstrom, my fave cartoon making person, is having a sketch-a-thon. i never thought i would be so bothered about owning some artz, but srsly, i really really want 1 of her sketches. will have to check my are some of the sketches she sent out last time... i want!!

in other news, i have a long email to write and send to teh mello, but need to find new keyboard first, and go to the beach...

Friday, 29 May 2009


(a cross between urgh and meh)

how i feel about having to work all weekend whilst the sun shines on!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


i got home at 9am. looked at comics (which i usually do when i get up...) and read some internets.... then made chicken nuggets & beans, (brunch?) curled up in the spare room to watch a dvd... went to sleep on the sofa around midday, after having been awake for 26 hours, woke up at 4pm, switched to bed, slept for 3 more hours, woke up... cup of tea... is it breakfast time? i was not made for night shifts.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

fire coming out of a monkey's head

Got off a plane to the country sound
I drove to the mountain and a hole in the ground
There was crack on the corner and someone dead,
and fire coming out of the monkey's head
Put me in a cab to suburbia
I just took a line but I wasn't with ya
There was more of it there, when I got back home
But you left me,you don't know my soul

summer looms!

today was so awesome hot! i was @ werk all day tho, but i got owt on my lunchbreak.

unforch i ate some cake at 5 and have been up and down since then like a crazything

like hyper-twitch izzit hotinherre? omg what's that must run over there back down to omg i am so BORED and tired, maybe i should have a nap?coooold brrrrr liedown... back to twitchwakeup what am i doing in bed get up run around... it's kinda like a hangover lol

since summer is here, i am thinking up a summer playlist, so far it includes

ndubz - number 1,

PCD - jai ho (ur my destiny)

BEP - boom boom pow,

and i cant decide if bonkers should go on there, because i will probably get bored of it soon.

kid cudi - day & nite

madcon - beggin

spiller - (groovejet) and if this aint love

lady gaga - poker face (for now, tho i bet she tops it soon)

T.I. - whatever u like

ciara - love sex magic

MGMT - electric feel

kelis etc - millionaire

justice ft simian - we r ur friends

nelly furtado - promiscuous

jamie t - if u got the money

too hyper to concentrate on this, pls 2 suggest songs 4 mah leeest.

the chosen one...

found it! £14 from peacocks :-)

Friday, 22 May 2009


the perfect summer dress cont'd

offerings from republic...

bonus points for pockets.

the perfect summer dress

sorry for the massively girly post, but i'm in the market for the perfect summer dress (tm) and aint gettin anywhere fast. here's what i need

length: it can't be a mini, i want to be able to walk, run, sit down, you know, actually live in this dress without having to wear leggings/tights or constantly fear breeses.

coverage: needs to contain top half with no need for layering with cami tops. i understand this is a tall order for most places. sleeves etc i don't really mind what goes on there.

flatterage: dress cannot be a sack with strategically placed holes.

fun: dress should be in summery colour.

easyness: dress cannot take more than a minute to put on/adjust. no fiddly bits pls.

decency: dress cannot be see thru. i do not wanna be spending moneys on something that i have to wear other clothes with in order to maintain decency.

any ideas? really it shouldn't be this difficult!!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

sexual harassment cake

sexual harassment cake, curtosy of cakewrecks.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

a totally reasonable write up of the eurovision song contest.

ok so we missed the first 4 since we were out getting some rum so analysis is slightly less detailed, as it is based on the short clips we saw at the end:

1. Lithuania - nice hat on the dude

2. Israel - looked pretty good

3. France - looked alright, apparently this lady is very famous and awesome!

4. Sweden - nah

we didn't grade this lot out of 10, but marks from 10 in yellow below, along with proffesional and slightly drunken grading notes.

5. Iceland - sings in english? quite sweet, cute dress, country ish. 6

6. Portual cute! nice accordion, nice dress, happy song 8

7. Croatia - crazy wind machine batman, cheese/folk not too bad, nice boyband twinkle in the guy's eye lol 6

8. Greece - stupid costumes, bad beat bad hip action from singer gaaaaah no! do not want 'fly to the top baby' no. +3 for conveyor belt action, +1 for smooth move, -1 for nipple action total: 4

9. Armenia - interesting costumes and dance, loose points for 'everybody move ur body' we gave 6 points for originality and staying true to own thing.

10. Russia - wearing a sheet, sounds like a cat, miserable song, sounds like cat. total: 1

11. Azerbaijan - cheese factor ++++++ pretty lady +1 for silver leg, +2 for 'man plays thing' +1 for fire, ooo! and overal 7 for danceability.

and then dunno whats goin on in the order here,

Malta - Impressive voice, nice look goin, -1 for stupid head snap thing, total: 8

Estonia - really nice beat, chillin song, brilliantly talented bunch, nice haircut, violin playing = bonne, good singing 8

Denmark - -4 written by ronan, -2 looks/sounds like ronan, +1 nice braclets, interesting ix of msicians +2, bad singer, guitar player is fit, +3 --- total, 4

Germany - oh no oh god (mir) -4 for eyebrow plucking and sparkly glitter leggings, dancers are good, +2 tap dance and +3 for DVT, and the pianist is big in germany? lol, 5 points, just.

Turkey - cool start, stupid skirts, +1 fire, +1 wiggle, +3 hot guy in a skirt +1 flip, total 7.

Bosnia - -1 white trousers, -1 bad hair, +1, looks like vampire, +1 drums, +1 stubble on lead singer, +2 actually he has a very good voice, +1 theatricality, +1 red flag/military thing goin on, total 7

Maldova - +2 stupid costume, +1 strong legs, nice voice, rough sounding, + 3 silly dancing + energy, +1, random mop, quite cool, 8.

Albania - tutu -2, +3 turquoise glitter outfit, +1 mimes, +3 break dancing mimes spinning on heads. song = rubbish, total 5

Norway - +3 danicng, +1 eyebrows, quite sweet, looks about 10, +1 playing violin, -1 girls going 'da da', but nice outfits, +1 fire tricks. total, 8.

Ukraine - 6, +2 tacky, -1 roman helmets, +1 men in skirts, +2 +1 doing the splits, the singer does some drumming whilst being dragged around by men in skirts +3 for good singing whilst being chucked around by kinky romans? total, 6 (it was a crap song)

Romania - -1 for uncomforatble looking boobies on main 'singer', +1 for forest elf outfits, -2 for blatant 'cheating with the girl in the blue dress in the corner. total: 4

23. UK woooooooooo! nice dress, very disney/ALW, very good singer, uplifting cheesefest, 8

24. Finalnd - nice dancey... what? YMCA outfit goin on, bad whiteboy rapping gonig on too, +1 fire effects, -2 for men wearing boleros - 3, total: 3

25. Spain +1 for cheese, +1 for lame magic trick, +1 for 'jumping' and +1 for interesting final note. total: 4

from italian vouge

Thursday, 14 May 2009

natural rejection

many years ago (2006 i think??!) i got a tinted moisturiser in boots from their cheapo brand 'natural collection'

it was less than 2 quid, which was brilliant, and it has lasted til, uh, about now lol.

i feel like a bit of a stig keeping make up for that long but there you go...

anyway, i replaced it this weekend, and the shade is called 'natural' - it's about the colour in the pic.

now not to be so nitpicky over wordage, but does this mean that colours other than this are less/not natural?

i'm now pissed off i didn't see it before supporting the cause with my £1.95. bad boots!

crappy job situation

i need another job, preferably one i like, that isn't too far away, that pays me and maybe actually guarantees me some hours every week. i dunno if that's too much to ask really.

i'll take a longer distance for a relevant job. i'll have crappy pay for the right area (though if the pay is so crappy that it'll cost me more to get to work than i will actually earn there then i'll reconsider!)

why is this so hard to do? every time i think i'm getting somewhere i come up againt yet another reason it's not gunna work. i like to think i'm not workshy! anyway, i'm starting a course this evening, and hopefully (fingers crossed) there will be some networking and maybe a few opportunities come up there. the current deal is like a 24 hour work week, (not guaranteed, highly variable) 8 hours of volunteering and some course just starting, need more!! anyhoo, lets keep waiting, again. can't go forwards can't go backwards just stuck in the middle waiting for opportunities to jump on!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

linux widow

teh b/f has installed linux.

all i can do it sit here and occasionally stroke his shoulder in a comforting? way as he 'meeeeeh's and weeps at every little thing that goes wrong.

it's the most beautiful sunny day today, hopefully later will mean bbq on he beach, but for now i sit here feeling confusion, sympathy, boredom, frustration.

'i've just got it back to the point i was last time i booted it up' he says.

he does it to himself, he does.

more later (it's only day 2)

Friday, 1 May 2009

congrats to the lady of teh anthology

Not a red rose or a satin heart.I give you an onion.

It is a moon wrapped in brown paper.

It promises light

like the careful undressing of love.Here.It will blind you with tearslike a lover.

It will make your reflection

a wobbling photo of grief.I am trying to be truthful.Not a cute card or a kissogram.I give you an onion.

Its fierce kiss will stay on your lips,

possessive and faithful

as we are,

for as long as we are.Take it.

Its platinum loops shrink to a wedding-ring,

if you like.Lethal.

Its scent will cling to your fingers,

cling to your knife.

Congrats to Carol Ann Duffy,

"Carol Ann Duffy has been named Britain's poet laureate. Duffy, the first woman to hold the post in its 341-year history, is known for a wide and varied body of modern poetry."

She's also the first openly gay person to has this title. Also, this is a fab pic!

Wednesday, 29 April 2009


"They just like get words to replace other words that are like 10 letters longer."

"I don't wanna learn things that make me sound like a pompous arsehole"

- Piend, on A Level English

Sunday, 26 April 2009

aarrhhhggg! (pirate noise)

was thinking the other day, about piracy.

i was not just thinking of mr depp in makeup and a silly hat, tho i have wasted plenty of time on this thought previously, but on music piracy.

the footnotes @ the end of sense & sensibilty say that willoghby wrote out sheet music for marianne. music (which was expensive to buy) was copied out by hand by the 'end users' and their peers. this was apparently something that happened in many households,

how different is this from the music piracy that goes on today?

Thursday, 23 April 2009

bright frog

this frog nommed a christmas light, luckily, it lived.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


here is a novel cake from cakewrecks.

i am annoyed with cake today.

possibly because i haven't had much sleep lately, tho tbh i am quite happy about how quickly i can get back to a 9-5 ready sleep cycle after an all nighter (i have decided these are not really profitable shifts, cuz of the sheer amount of time it takes me to recover lol)

anyway, cakes piss me off. when i want a piece of cake i just want a piece of cake dammit, i don't wanna go buying a whole damned cake in tescos and then eating 8 portions of cake! and i don't have enough friends to share the cake with to just have 1 piece of cake left over. and then i end up with half a cake in the fridge and i gotta eat eat cuz waste not want not but usually by that time i am not really into cake. poo to cake and shops and stuffs.

michelle obama

Thursday, 16 April 2009

inspirational books

TOP 10 MOST INSPIRATIONAL READS (list from the torygraph)

1. To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee (1960)
yeh this is an awesome book, deserves to be here...
2. The Bible
never totally read it, got some interesting stories but pretty long.
3. A Child Called It - Dave Pelzer (2001)
urgh this is a horrible book, i mean, poor lad and all but...
4. Men are from mars, Women are from Venus - John Gray (1993)
erm, what the beep is this doing in this list? srsly? what does it inspire?
5. Diary of Anne Frank - Anne Frank (1947)
yeh i can see why this is here...
6. 1984 - George Orwell (1949)
erk. this book is terrible, great concept, crap book.
7. A Long Walk to Freedom - Nelson Mandela (2002)
haven't read this and really should..
8. The Beach - Alex Garland (1994)
kinda interesting as a book, i can't remember if it was good before it popular (conformists!)
9. The Time Travellers Wife - Audrey Niffenegger (2005)
i haven't read this one either
10. The Catcher in the Rye - J D Salinger (1951)
hate this book it is crap, tho it's usually the sort of thing i go for.

at some point i might have a think about what i would put into this list and what i would take out, probably 'the 5 people you meet in heaven', would go in there somewhere, and 'invisible mosters' :-)

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


i was walking across this bridge the other day when i heard a 'quack!' noise. thinking 'z0mg!duckzz!!' i immediately quacked back, then more quacking... so i quack back... then this dude also on the bridge and i both realise we have been quacking at each other and the ducks have said nothing! whoops. he was quite good at quacking, but not as good as me.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

new gym shoes

new blisters on feet... (luckily i won't upload a pic of them!) spa tomorrow i think! w00p! yay holidays!

Monday, 13 April 2009