Tuesday, 16 June 2009


so i get an invite to this anti bnp group. i go have a look, and i like what i find, reasoned, point by point easy made attacks on the bnp. safe.

here it is.

there's also a site linked called 'nothing british' which is a pretty good blog, and carefully lays down it's criticisms, which include this list of crimes party members, supporters and councellors have been convicted of and this list of examples of what bnp folks actually do once they get into any sort of power.

once you get into the fb group there's the usual discussions, in which people feed the trolls, who seem to be about 17, young chris and jamie are interesting.

jamie claims to have left school because his teachers were black and asian, and as a result, his written english is difficult to understand.

"...and no icaint read or write coz i never went to skl coz all the teacher were black or asian and i could not understand them so that is y i never went to skl"


there's a 15 year old who argues beautifully against jamie and chris. she can't spell either, and she says as much. she bravely questions the lads, asking if they have any non white friends, asks him to define 'real' british people, and pointing out that the drum n bass these kids listen to come from black communities. she argues, patiently and persistently, without drowning the lads in long arguments that they probably wont be reading anyway.

i think she does a great job.

when other commenters taunt one of the lads saying he should be in special school she points out that being in 'special school' shouldn't be used as an insult, and it doesn't mean you can't read and write. 'hey i no of ppl tht go to special skls n they r not tht thick n he can obviously read n write. probs better thn me' - the good point as well being if the lad cant read or write, how are they having a multi page debate with him?

why should this poor girl have to put up with this shit from what i am guessing are highly educated people? why does it matter that either side have bad spelling or crappy grammar? i mean sometimes things can get a bit tricky to inderstand but it wasn't the case here. this girl is putting up a better / more relavant fight than the other commenters, she knows her audience.

it is not the people who attack with snotty comments like this...

Once again we are presented with the irony that BNP supporters are unable to write fluently in their native language.

Hahahahaha you really can't spell can you? This just shows how uneducated, naive and stupid you are :)

Jamie you are either a) very young or b) practically illiterate, either way, until you learn to spell & use laguage properly its very hard to take you seriously

i guess Jamie is a true representative of the BNP, naive, dyslexic and ill read

...that will bring the change. insulting people does not work! attack the ideas not the spelling! debate does not need to get personal like that! you are more likely to get somewhere with something that a person can quickly go 'oh yeh!' to and then grow from than insults and long winded rants with long werds about how thoughougly you have researched the issue. that's just peacocking.

people like ellen are the future.

and i and anyone else who is naive, dyslexic and ill read, should apparently go and join the bnp! :-O


mintspy said...


here's the actual topic, things are pretty fast moving on that group, phew!

the happy snapper said...

you bnp supporter, you! *shakes fist* LOL. some people are really hurting our cause with their snotty attitudes!