Friday, 14 January 2011

6 item wardrobe challenge.

The 6 item wardrobe challenge.

If you could only wear 6 items for 1 month (coats, accessories, gym clothes, underwear and shoes exempt) what would they be.

1. Black leggings (I have 4 pairs, having multiples of the same thing doesn't count)
2. Black apron dress
3. Black cardigan
4. Black skinny smart trousers
5. Purple t shirt(I have three of these)
6. Purple cardigan

This is going to be a really dull month in black and purple! I'd look like a bruise! At least tights, shoes, scarves and accessories would jazz it up! But tbh, that's pretty much my wardrobe now, the black dress has been leading my wardrobe collection since 2007... meh, if it aint broke...