Tuesday, 21 April 2009


here is a novel cake from cakewrecks.

i am annoyed with cake today.

possibly because i haven't had much sleep lately, tho tbh i am quite happy about how quickly i can get back to a 9-5 ready sleep cycle after an all nighter (i have decided these are not really profitable shifts, cuz of the sheer amount of time it takes me to recover lol)

anyway, cakes piss me off. when i want a piece of cake i just want a piece of cake dammit, i don't wanna go buying a whole damned cake in tescos and then eating 8 portions of cake! and i don't have enough friends to share the cake with to just have 1 piece of cake left over. and then i end up with half a cake in the fridge and i gotta eat eat cuz waste not want not but usually by that time i am not really into cake. poo to cake and shops and stuffs.

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