Sunday, 16 August 2009

things i hate on facebook

i'm in a grumpuss mood so i will make a list.

1. the word 'random' - even the best people do it.
2. people being bored and writing 'is bored' as their status update.
3. people claiming their favourite cars are something jeremy clarkson talked about once, when they've probably never seen one or driven one in the flesh before
4. people who post fecking huge albums of rubbish (like me)
5. people who write 'BSc' after their names.
6. people who join groups claiming they like 'rough sex' -- uh... i didn't really wanna know that on friending you...


Emma Darkly said...

I'm sorry :(
I didn't mean to add myself as a fan of that, I was in a grump myself and thinking "GAHHH Who would DO that? who would join that for everyone to seeee?", and then clicked "become a fan" instead of "8 friends" (I wanted to know who'd joined).

Ed turned to me and asked me why I'd fanned that and my reply was "Er... what?!". So yeah, along with all of yours:

7. Facebook not removing you from embarrassing stuff.

the happy snapper said...

i agree 100% with points 5 and 6. Why do people put that after their names, it makes them look like pretentious wankers! Half the population has a bloody BSc anyway, doesn't make you special! I could put BA after my name but that would make me look like an ass

and yeah, i really didn't need to know that a girl i went to primary school with likes rough sex. seriously. there are just some things that do not need to be shared on the internet!!!

they might as well tell us what else they get up to in the bedroom. what's their fave lube, handcuffs of choice, do they like to be spanked... ugh


mintspy said...

lol i find it worrying when people who are friends with my little sibs add me and then i find out (thru a quiz) that they will next have sex in a car! urhhg!! gross!