Wednesday, 28 July 2010

how do you know if you're a grown up? part 1

i've been feeling pretty grown up lately.

i've got a job. i've been working full time for about a year now, as well as part time but that's been going on forever. i have about the same amount of stuff, but it is better stuff. superior stuff. i go to bed at a reasonable hour and wake up at a totally unreasonable hour. i have a morning routine and mostly a packed lunch.

when i get home from work i make sure i look after my pigs and try and do some cleaning and general organising of life before i play flash mpgs and read comics and feminist blogs.

then i get on with some wedding planning, and feel bad about the stuff i should be doing and not contacting the people i miss or doing the work i should do, and then head to bed at a reasonable hour. i get more done after i get back from work than i used to do in a full 24 hour cycle as an underemployed person.

there are many many things at the moment and forever that are crazy uncertain and prone to massive and scary change. but there are many things that are *good* right now.

however, i admit: sometimes i envy the stuff other people have. lately it has occurred to me to buy such things. so i did.

earlier in the year i used my newfound cash to upgrade my bedroom from floral dull blue from the 70s to sleek black white and red. the makeover is mostly from wilkos and we can take it wherever we go next. but it was an interesting process of not just putting up with something, but using some money to make the situation better.

after this project, i started on my wardrobe, which was tattered and primanian, and solved this problem with substantial investment in H&M.

I then started on my face: i got some foundation from maybelleine or whatever it calls itself, it is like a mousse. it cost about £6, which is at least 3 times more than i've ever spent on a foundation. surprisingly, i found it to be a worthwhile investment and wondered if such a purchase automatically put me forward to some new level of maturity, the 'luxury products on your face' stage of life. i also now have got some moisturiser and for the first time (shockingly) some make up remover.

then i went for the feet: i got some cheap flats from dorothy perkins, because a) now that i have a job i can go for £12 on shoes instead of £4, and b) i have learned my lesson the hard way about £4 flats from primani.

then i've sat and wondered if i have just 'consumed' a new era of lifestyle. perhaps this is just the beginning. i can't remember if i feel better than when i started, but i reckon i at least *look* like i feel better...