Friday, 22 May 2009

the perfect summer dress cont'd

offerings from republic...

bonus points for pockets.


Jess said...

Right, here is my evaluation of the 3 dresses.

Dress 1 (Purple) ; i love it! its a great shape, gorgeous colour. Not too boobie but boobie enough. The detailing means it doesn't look cheap either.

Dress 2, I have in a deep purple. Its great for comfort. you can sit down jump around whatever in it. BUT you do need a top underneath, it is very boobalicious.

Dress 3; pretty, and attractive in THEORY.
I'm afraid the empire line is too low of our figures Kerry. You need your mid riff to be slimmer than most other places, as this is the place emphasized and it ignores your fabulous boobies and most of all under bust waist!

Therefore I vote dress 1, and if its on sale dress 2 as well for good measure :P

Jess said...

The ruffle at the bottom of dress 3 is GORGEOUS!!

the happy snapper said...

there's a new republic in croydon!

Virginia Janet said...

Wow.!! What a nice selection of beautiful summer dresses. #1 purple dress is my favorite.