Thursday, 10 September 2009

social notworking, and the joy of bread time

tonight i did not have work, a meeting, or a placement. i probably have stuff to do but i thought i'd write a simple blag post about how naice it is to just hang around with dave n owen and go for a walk along the beach and a mince around tescos.

we got some naice bread which i have eaten most of, i love bread so much, if i could eat nice fresh bread with stuff on it forever i would not be upset. esp if that stuff included peanut butter, butter, jam, tomatoes, cucumber and burger sauce. not all together, obv. but some things together.

in other news, owen brought himself a sharpie tonight. yes.


the happy snapper said...

sounds like a good evening :)

mintspy said...

yeees it's v nice, there is a nature documentary on now