Tuesday, 8 September 2009


my course re starts on saturday.

yeh i guess i am a bit of a grumpuss about yet another 6 day week, esp one with 3 evenings work too, and a particularly annoying battle with landpeople over woodlaminate flooring, and the car going a bit wrong..

but i am kinda looking forward to it, i missed youth werk, i haven't done any for a month. i lie actually i have done a couple of saturdays, but it doesn't feel like i've been at a proper youth club type place where we do stuff like activities and things...

also yeh i suppose i've logged a few more hours than usual working directly with young people, but then, talking to them about income tax isn't really the same as making fires in woods and cooking things on them, and making stuff out of twigs in mud.

so yeh, though i hate writing, i'm approaching this chunk of course with a more practical, uh, outlook? i just wanna get it done, write that i learned stuff, 'reflect on my practice' in all the proper ways and get my qualification so i can settle into a nice little youth work job or 5 and perhaps start referring to myself as a proper person with a career.

i can't wait to start properly in this new place, i met the other staff yesterday and they seem awesome. i am well looking forward to it.

soon i will be lookin at a 9-5 with 2 evenings of placement, 1 late and one after work course. sundays will again become SACRED!! :-)

that'll do for updates. .

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Anonymous said...

just reading that made me feel exhausted lol