Sunday, 24 May 2009

summer looms!

today was so awesome hot! i was @ werk all day tho, but i got owt on my lunchbreak.

unforch i ate some cake at 5 and have been up and down since then like a crazything

like hyper-twitch izzit hotinherre? omg what's that must run over there back down to omg i am so BORED and tired, maybe i should have a nap?coooold brrrrr liedown... back to twitchwakeup what am i doing in bed get up run around... it's kinda like a hangover lol

since summer is here, i am thinking up a summer playlist, so far it includes

ndubz - number 1,

PCD - jai ho (ur my destiny)

BEP - boom boom pow,

and i cant decide if bonkers should go on there, because i will probably get bored of it soon.

kid cudi - day & nite

madcon - beggin

spiller - (groovejet) and if this aint love

lady gaga - poker face (for now, tho i bet she tops it soon)

T.I. - whatever u like

ciara - love sex magic

MGMT - electric feel

kelis etc - millionaire

justice ft simian - we r ur friends

nelly furtado - promiscuous

jamie t - if u got the money

too hyper to concentrate on this, pls 2 suggest songs 4 mah leeest.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Moony - Dove (I'll be loving you)

Puretone - Addicted to Bass