Wednesday, 24 June 2009

twitter - why i'm warming to it...

i'm warming to it, i mean, at first i was like, 'yeh but it's just a load of facebook status updates'

but then i was like 'ah, its JUST a load of facebook status updates - cool!'

no annoying applications
ditto ads
no selective adverts
no groups

sounds really stupid
not many ppl on it
fonts r small
some really annoying people use it (tho i guess you can just not follow them)
'follow'ing people sounds really weird and stalky...


Mareen said...

I'm not sue whether to haha at the last con or not..probably both..

mintspy said...

i changed it already lol that was quick btw!!

Mareen said...

Lol, I didn't even notice. Am just browsing your blog very infrequently and found three new posts today. The last con is still haha-worthy. Like all things online it does have a stalkeresque quality to it. Absolutely.

the happy snapper said...

i still can't get into twitter. i forget to twit (i say "twit", you say "tweet") for weeks on end

mintspy said...

yeh i have heard ppl saying 'tweet' it sounds really crap. what i'm starting to like about it is how simple it is... still, it's not facebook, but that's starting to be a good thing!