Thursday, 6 August 2009

books and the beast

was thinking about disney this morning, mainly about books in beauty & the beast.

the beast gives belle a library.
Is this an awesome romantic gesture?
or does he just have a big old library that's been handed down thru generations that he isn't really that interested in?
does the beast read? it'd be nice if he did, they'd have something more in common then...

also, what does belle read anyway, i dunno how to make this point without sounding like a booksnob, but looking thru the first song she seems to read jack & the beanstalk, and Cinderella. lots about prince charming. (or so she sings to the sheep) her book also contains pictures. fair does etc, but i wonder what the deal is with her apparently being so clever when she reads only fairy tales and oldskool chicklit.

i kinda hoped belle would be reading about something else. i dunno what...

and i wish she would stop singing about how her villiage is full of simple little people. stfu belle.

that said, it might be the 'best' disney princess film.. erk i will have to think on that.

i always liked mulan, but i am now scared to watch it again in case i notice shit like outlined above.... it would ruin it :-(


Mareen said...

Interesting observations! I'd love to get a library. It'd be kinda romantic coming from the right person and including a a comfy sofa for two, too. :)

Emma Darkly said...

If you see the Beast as being a selfish, protective being, who likes to keep what is his to himself, then the gesture of offering Belle a room - any room - is in itself a hugely romantic thing. The fact that it is a library only makes it better, because he knows that she loves books and can discover things in the Library that perhaps are beyond what he alone can offer her.

As for the books she reads, doesn't everyone read tat at some point to unwind? Plus, if they had her dancing round with War and Peace, it might not have been as easy to a) dance around with and b) fit into the lyrics.

And finally... I always thought that the big let-down of the film is that the spell is broken. They're all so much better as Beast and objects... *sigh*

Anonymous said...

the key is to switch off your brain when it comes to disney... and i think him giving her a library was very romantic. better than him being cliched and giving her a bouquet of roses! although, saying that, i'd prefer roses to the library. if belle was like me, he'd give her roses and it would still be romantic because he'd still be giving her something that she loves... if you get me. my brain hurts now

David Darkly said...

Hello. Who are you? I am David Darkly. Do we know each other?

Belle loves chicklit. But essentially she wants more than 'this provicial life'. Like being a princess. Edgy? You decide.

mintspy said...

mel you got all the songs in my head yesterday and now they return..