Thursday, 17 December 2009


what are the odds that u go 2 an interview with experience in student funding (college) and get topped by someone who's done student funding (uni)? i mean really lol that is a bit of an unlucky one!! still, time to sort out my swancoll app! :-)

to add to that, applying for jobs i already do doesn't seem to work either, as i applied a few months back to be paid for one of the jobs i ALREADY DO FOR FREE and na-da. maybe in april it will be considered that i am paid.

and then, like, in june i applied to be paid for a job i had been mostly doing for free for NINE MONTHS and i wasn't even TOLD for 6 weeks that i hadn't got the job!!

sometimes i wonder why i still bother, tho now i am putting togehter an application for a job i used to do (really well) and i would hope to actually get seeings as i can actually do the job lol i wouldn't be surprised with my shitty luck if i didn't get it due to being struck by lightening etc on the day of the interview. or i lost out on interview points, or messed up some stupid data entry test.

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