Tuesday, 9 June 2009

on the bnp

heavy i know.

there is some dude on the telly that thinks you can't have a dialogue with the bnp, because

"they say the holocaust didn't happen, what are you gunna say, 'yes it did?'" uh YES that's exactly what you say. you don't resort to throwing eggs at people, or denying people who will vote for them the right to vote.

you take their manifesto, and you go through it, point by point if necessary, and you demonstrate the enormous holes in their arguments. ITS NOT HARD, PEOPLE, THIS PARTY ARE IDIOTS!

the rest of us are better than this, we don't need to be throwing eggs at people or not allowing them to speak. 10% of people in some places gave the bnp their votes. those people are real. you can't take away someones democratic right because you disagree with them, no matter how disgusting you find their ideas. we can't and shouldn't silence them, in time the bnp will expose themselves as the horrible, illogical and wrong people they are, and people need to see it.

and in time, they will.

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