Monday, 17 August 2009


last night i thought of a list of reasons that ladyboobs are totally stupid and unnecessary outside of their mammaly purpose of feeding behbehs. here is some of my list, feel free to add to it.

they can be heavy

they can hurt their owners backs

they require expensive housing

this housing is ill fitted and often impractical

they can require extensive support

they carry a 1 in 10 risk of developing cancer

other mammals do not seem to need them unless they are nursing

they get in the way of sleep and stuff and can stop you lying like a splat to sleep

they are usually different sizes to each other

they are rarely 'correct'

they do not alter to fit clothing trends

if they are altered, it is expensive and painful

someone will probably judge the owner of some boobs about the size, location or general presentation of said boobs

they can impair running and other activities

they can cause teenagers massive embarrassment

they can cause some males and females to act differently, despite their owners wishes

they require coverage in public, by law in some places

they distract people

they always predict the weather wrong.


Owen Jones said...

All but two of these things apply equally to Piggehs

the happy snapper said...

I disagree with the idea that boobs are stupid and unnecessary. That is all

You should buy bras from Bravissimo. They are more expensive than M&S or La Senza, but they fit much better and have a nicer range for us bigger ladies. I have one from them which is possibly my fave bra. The straps don't keep slipping off my shoulders like all my others!

And tsk why should we want to alter them to fit clothing trends! Mince I'm surprised at you :P

The only women who can follow trends are skinny ass models. You don't want to be a skinny ass model do u?!

mintspy said...

i got 4 for £10 in new look the other day, bargainissimo!!