Tuesday, 8 September 2009


what's this (points to tickbox on the funding form next to the word 'childcare')
that's if you want childcare
do i need to tick it?
yeh, if you want childcare...
do i need childcare?
do you have a child?
well then you don't need to tick the box.

i keep on having this conversation. i might have to include it on my 'your bus pass funding made easy' sheet. these kids are our future.


Anonymous said...

this frightens me lol

Emma Darkly said...

Did you read The Mart's note on Facebook?

"Italian Lady: Cheese and ham panini?
Italian Lady: Cheese and ham panini… Sir, did you order a cheese and ham panini?
Essex Guy: [with blank look on his face] No, I ordered a ham and cheese panini.
Essex Guy: Oh. [takes bag]"

Andy said...

Haha classic