Thursday, 14 May 2009

crappy job situation

i need another job, preferably one i like, that isn't too far away, that pays me and maybe actually guarantees me some hours every week. i dunno if that's too much to ask really.

i'll take a longer distance for a relevant job. i'll have crappy pay for the right area (though if the pay is so crappy that it'll cost me more to get to work than i will actually earn there then i'll reconsider!)

why is this so hard to do? every time i think i'm getting somewhere i come up againt yet another reason it's not gunna work. i like to think i'm not workshy! anyway, i'm starting a course this evening, and hopefully (fingers crossed) there will be some networking and maybe a few opportunities come up there. the current deal is like a 24 hour work week, (not guaranteed, highly variable) 8 hours of volunteering and some course just starting, need more!! anyhoo, lets keep waiting, again. can't go forwards can't go backwards just stuck in the middle waiting for opportunities to jump on!


the happy snapper said...

it's hard because... RECESSION!!!!!! *screams*

mintspy said...

stupid recession. i started a course tonight and no job yet lol