Saturday, 12 September 2009


this be a post. the post that is the most.

Friday, 11 September 2009

community profilling

i'm doin a community profile on an area in swansea that i've only been to once, so i'm trying to explore using my good friend the internet.

so i'm on google earth, checkin out the place and i find the map hovering over a graveyard, so i scroll out like and say to d & owen 'goddam that's a big mutherfkr of a graveyard! jaaaysus! how many dead people live here??'

uh.. none.. i need to get to bed.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

social notworking, and the joy of bread time

tonight i did not have work, a meeting, or a placement. i probably have stuff to do but i thought i'd write a simple blag post about how naice it is to just hang around with dave n owen and go for a walk along the beach and a mince around tescos.

we got some naice bread which i have eaten most of, i love bread so much, if i could eat nice fresh bread with stuff on it forever i would not be upset. esp if that stuff included peanut butter, butter, jam, tomatoes, cucumber and burger sauce. not all together, obv. but some things together.

in other news, owen brought himself a sharpie tonight. yes.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


there's this video that's been making the rounds on youtube about texting and driving, and if i were not far too nervous a driver to even attempt texting whilst driving then it would have deffo put me off this one!

it's a lot grim

but worth a watch.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


my course re starts on saturday.

yeh i guess i am a bit of a grumpuss about yet another 6 day week, esp one with 3 evenings work too, and a particularly annoying battle with landpeople over woodlaminate flooring, and the car going a bit wrong..

but i am kinda looking forward to it, i missed youth werk, i haven't done any for a month. i lie actually i have done a couple of saturdays, but it doesn't feel like i've been at a proper youth club type place where we do stuff like activities and things...

also yeh i suppose i've logged a few more hours than usual working directly with young people, but then, talking to them about income tax isn't really the same as making fires in woods and cooking things on them, and making stuff out of twigs in mud.

so yeh, though i hate writing, i'm approaching this chunk of course with a more practical, uh, outlook? i just wanna get it done, write that i learned stuff, 'reflect on my practice' in all the proper ways and get my qualification so i can settle into a nice little youth work job or 5 and perhaps start referring to myself as a proper person with a career.

i can't wait to start properly in this new place, i met the other staff yesterday and they seem awesome. i am well looking forward to it.

soon i will be lookin at a 9-5 with 2 evenings of placement, 1 late and one after work course. sundays will again become SACRED!! :-)

that'll do for updates. .


what's this (points to tickbox on the funding form next to the word 'childcare')
that's if you want childcare
do i need to tick it?
yeh, if you want childcare...
do i need childcare?
do you have a child?
well then you don't need to tick the box.

i keep on having this conversation. i might have to include it on my 'your bus pass funding made easy' sheet. these kids are our future.

Sunday, 6 September 2009


new shoes

took over three hours to find/get...


i haven't written anything on here cuz i got a job and i moved house. both of which are proper time consuming. i don't do much at the moment that isn't a chore or work.

however, due to this 'work' buisness, i am now earning both money and the excuse/ability to improve things in my general life that are not *completly* rubbish, but could probably do with improving.

for example, i own 2 towels. both of these towels predate my current and previous relationships. to conclude, i've had em since i was at school. they both still do the job, but tbh, the piggehs have better quality towels than i do, so i might replace them both. (the towels, not the piggehs)

for another example, my shoes have a hole in them the size of a 1p. cracks in the soles mean i have to avoid even the smallest of puddles. this is not the best good plan really, living in the rainiest city in the uk means that ideally, you wear wellies.

that reminds me, my wellies have holes in too, i could do with some new ones.

also needed is a microwave, our current one is probably older than i am, it sparks and it makes the flat smell of burning. i have been eating cold ready brek this week and it's only just occurred to me that life doesn't have to be like this.