Sunday, 4 October 2009

ill kiddie

i am not very well.

i am totally not used to this, i picked up a bad cough on friday and was too run down to fight it and then it became a full blown cold.

i guess this is what i deserve for this weekend, where i climbed along a wall, tried to sail a boat and build a bridge, built a raft and paddled it around, got soaked quite a few times, took a couple of cold showers, ate canteen food and didn't sleep enough.

tough as the weekend was the people on my course are stars and i am well glad i went!

but yeh, i'm gunna need a few days off work to recover from this. dave is making me a niace curry i can smell it which means it must be good!! :-)

mel visits soon and i would like to be over this by then, i should be anyway!

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