Wednesday, 27 February 2008

superfruit that ho!!!

So this morning I have decided that besides meth use, i am concerned about superfoods. this blog can serve as a reflection one day, on a time when people could actually be bothered to worry about things like this, as if they were actually problems.

the beeb says:

There is no official or scientific definition of the term 'superfood'. It's applied to foods ranging from oats to walnuts, spinach to yoghurt, turkey to watercress. Meat and fish contain proteins and other nutrients. Fruit and vegetables also contain essential vitamins and minerals and phytochemicals - bioactive non-nutrient components - that are good for health. Labelling some as 'superfoods' could give the impression that they are more health-enhancing than others. Generally, fruits and vegetables given a 'superfood' tag are high in antioxidants such as vitamin C.

Following EU legislation introduced in July 2007 to prevent unsubstantiated health claims being made on foods, terms such as 'superfood' will have to be backed by evidence explaining why the food is healthy. This could be difficult as there is no official definition of the term 'superfood'.

Colin, who is great, has the following to say about it:

"free radicals are basically molecules that are good at binding to the proteins in your body and stopping them working, or at least that is one side of the story. They are in fact also used by the body to signal between cells, so they are also fundamental to life. The body has many ways of controlling these substances.

just because it contains more vit c than an orange doesn't make it a superfruit, it makes it a fruit rich in vit c. you can get pills that contain 500 mg of vitamin c, are they super pills? or are they just super oranges in a compressed pill form. its all so stupid the idea a food is super is verging on ridiculous, they cant fly other than when they fall out a tree."

"if you eat a decent variety of veg then you will have no problem. don't worry for nothing. the whole world seems to be built on fear at the moment, fear of terrorists, free radicals, lack of iron. people need to stop listening so much, strange thing to say really"

So there u have it folks, superfoods. Now stop worrying.


ok i need to stop blogging about grim shiz buuuut

at the risk of sounding v naive, I don't know how common this is here? talk to frank haven't warned me about it but then i don't think I expected them to. Talk to frank still think the kids are on acid and driving VW buses like they did when they were kids.

but yeh, here is a vid from that american show 'intervention' - feature a blurred out naked girl who has been addicted to meth for 10 years, and is apparently quite run-of-the-mill.

i need to work out how to link vids properly on this thing but one baby step at a time eh?

anyway, here's some horrible things the NY times reported on it

its a grim drug, easy to make by people who think they are 'scientists' as they make it. Making it is really dangerous as it's uber explosive, but very cheap, which is causing some really big problems. Its very addictive, and makes people 'manic' and really horny. The girl in the vid believes she is the sister of jesus and satan, and that she is an angel that no one understands, this is not an uncommon problem.

The biggest problem, doctors who work with children say, is not with those born under the effects of the drug but with the children who grow up surrounded by methamphetamine and its attendant problems. Because users are so highly sexualized, the children are often exposed to pornography or sexual abuse, or watch their mothers prostitute themselves, the welfare workers say.

The drug binges tend to last for days or weeks, and the crash is tremendous, leaving children unwashed and unfed for days as parents fall into a deep sleep.

"The oldest kid becomes the parent, and the oldest kid may be 4 or 5 years old," said Dr. Mike Stratton, a pediatrician in Muskogee, Okla., who is involved with a state program for children exposed to drugs that is run in conjunction with the Justice Department. "The parents are basically worthless, when they're not stoned they're sleeping it off, when they're not sleeping they don't eat, and it's not in their regimen to feed the kids."

Ms. Glick recalls a group of siblings found eating plaster at a home filled with methamphetamine. The oldest, age 6, was given a hamburger when they arrived at the Laura Dester Shelter; he broke it apart and handed out bits to his siblings before taking a bite himself.

Jay Wurscher, director of alcohol and drug services for the children and families division of the Oregon Department of Human Services, said, "In every way, shape and form, this is the worst drug ever for child welfare."

I hope we manage to fight this here, it worries me that it's so cheap and so addictive, and it worries me a lot more in a 'think of the children' way. I think soon i need to blog about some lolcats or something, as it's getting depressing, its also holocaust memorial week, and eating disorder awareness week so really it can only get worse :-(

Monday, 25 February 2008



In England there are about 2200 cases of cervical cancer a year, with about 800 deaths

What is HPV?

Human papilloma virus is a sexually transmitted virus that causes 99 per cent of invasive cervical cancer.

How is HPV infection spread?
By sexual contact, mostly through sexual intercourse, but also through other types of sexual activity.

Is HPV common?
Yes. At some time in their lives, most people will be infected with HPV. In the UK, HPV DNA (indicating current infection) has been found in 40% of 20-24 year old women.

There is a new vaccine out for girls aged 12-13 - with a catch up for girls up to the age of 18. Although boys do spread the virus and carry it, they obv can't get cervical cancer themselves and so are exempt (erm... great :-/ )

However, the shottage only works if the girl is not sexually active yet. As in no contact whatsoever, as it is spread by sexual activity, not just full on sex. Anyone that has already had sex is beyond vaccination.

Who is affected by this cancer?
Any woman could be affected. (and therefore EVERYONE - no one lives in a woman free world!!) Cervical cancer is caused by certain types of human papillomavirus, which commonly cause infection in young people; up to 80% of sexually active people will be infected with human papillomavirus at some point in their lifetime. The virus is transmitted from skin to skin through genital contact. The infection usually has no symptoms so it may not be noticed. In most cases the body will clear the infection.While approximately 40% of all women diagnosed with cervical cancer are between 35 and 54 years of age, the majority of them were probably exposed to the virus when they were between 16 and 25 years old.

Saturday, 23 February 2008



'the feeling' - my ultimate most annoyingist band ever do a cover of Kelly Rowlands 'work (put it in) and i'm not sure if i should be laughing or crying, but i think it's a bit of both really. pls 2 listen... i couldn't possibly do it justice with words!!


here are some lyrics:
Wanna see me lose my breath and wanna hear me moan
BETTER BE READY, WILLING, ABLE when we get alone
You was talkin’ confident upon the telephone
So you gotta put it in when we get it on

No turning back from this party put you through enough to complain
Aint no comin down from this side my love don’t go nowhere 'LESS I SAY
Look at what you got yourself into
Best take advantage be all that you can be
Best take advantage see all that you can see
Cause this could be your last opportunity WITH ME (PUT IT IN)

Check it baby, get it baby, check it baby get it
Do it baby d-do it, d-do it baby get it (put it in)
Check it baby, get it baby, check it baby get it (work)
Do it baby d-do it, d-do it baby get it (GO HARD)
Check it baby, get it baby, check it baby get it
Do it baby d-do it, d-do it baby get it
Don’t come around if you gone let me down
You gotta get it all the way in
I wanna see you work



is a legend.

there you have it.

he is the only guy who can talk about islamic awareness week in the same breath as the highly fascinating idea of doing a poo in someone's shoe. without offending anyone.


Yum yum nicey pizza - why do i blog so much about foods!!??
The 'fish' pizza (yuk)
We made some home made pizzas tonght, here they are before they got cooked... who said veggie pizzas were boring eeeh?? :)



I hate stupid pubs like this.. As one of my yoofs said the other day 'what is a chav these days?' -
The oppressed i supposed, do we read chavs as that 'moral underclass' (possibly the most disgusting term i've ever heard!) Whatever it is, this pub, and it's clientèle need to get a life.

Thursday, 21 February 2008


I have decided that it is time to make a decision about my hair. And i do realise how nobby and management student that makes me sound, rest assured, i hate myself.

Self hate aside, I have decided to put it to my facebook companions that have proven to be the most fantastically stylish people i have know over the past thousand years. Shall i chop my hair off?
Most people do this at some point, i do it often. I am a fool of the first water, i leap before i look (not literally - uber vertigo) and end up looking like an utter tit 99% of the time. These stylish people know this - I have ruined a good many of their pictures. I have a great talent for posing in ways that make me look fat and generally gross - er than when i pull nice faces in the mirror. maybe i should do this more often.

At least I know why i am worrying abut this: my life has been DOMINATED by bad hair. There has been very few times in my life that i have been content with my wild and untamed mane, and to this day it's greatest achievement has been not ever being ginger. Which isnt really that clever cuz i never tried to dye it ginge, and it didn't start out tht way. From it being straight as a kid when it was cool to be cute and curly, to this enormous fringe i was punished with until year 6, which made me deserving of all the bullying i ever got, to the horrible horrible look i sported in college and the first year of uni, when, frankly, i really needed a good old slap.

Not that i advocate violence to me. or anyone.

So anyway, its been a sad old journey so far, one that would have been SO MUCH BETTER if i'd just picked up the straighteners a little earlier, and sorted out that stupid kink in my side fringe. Or killed that hairdresser who tried to cut a fringe back into my hair. (i will post this on the booque avec pics so it will make more sense)

So the final question is, does it stay or go? I think a few inches off would get rid of all the nasty dry and dead bits of hair - but may make me look a wee bit more... butch?? Gah i dunno. I need a bit of help. 21 years have proven that when it comes to hair, i cant be trusted to do the right thing! so what IS the right thing???

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Pinched from Jezebel but I had to share:

"What Every Woman Knows By Now", from the "Accent On Living" section of the May 1950 issue of the Atlantic.

It is as much a source of amazement as of income to me that readers of the women's magazines have such an insatiable thirst for reading the same information over and over again, despite the fact that any one year's reading must inevitably give enough information about the technique of being a woman to see one through a lifetime. I have, then, no fear of spoiling the market, either for myself or others. Every subject in this symposium, given a snappy title and an angle that appeals to the editor, will still be worth a substantial fee.

The simplest are in the best taste.
Men like women to be in the best taste.

Find a new interest
Time cures all.
Men don't like women to ring them up.

Remove old make-up with cream (dry skins), lotion (oily skins), or superfatted soap (if you must).
Then dab face with an astringent lotion.
Then pat in nourishing cream.
Blackheads are frequently due to internal causes. Drink lots of water.
Men are repelled by pimples.

Charm is an indefinable quality.
Men like it.

Choose the clothes that suit you.
You can be perfectly dressed at every income level.
Little touches of white must be immaculate.
Diagonal stripes are slimming.
Invest your all in one good little black dress (or tweed suit).
Don't go in for clutter but have lots of bits and pieces that will make one outfit do the work of ten.
Men like black satin, well-cut tweeds, floating tulle, utter simplicity, and don't notice what you wear anyway.

Read good books sometimes.
Men don't like cultured women much.

Figure deficiencies are frequently glandular. Consult your doctor.
A good corset can correct many figure faults. Have it fitted by an expert.
Good exercises can correct bad figures. Here are some.
Men like good figures.

If you can't afford good furs don't have any, but there are some awfully cheap ones in the shops.
Men are impressed by mink -- but then, so are you.

The condition of the hair reflects the general health.
Massage with the finger tips stimulates the scalp.
Brush fifty times a day and wash at least every fortnight.
Choose the hair style that suits you and don't get into a rut.
No moral opprobrium is attached to dye.
Men love those gleaming tresses.

In the armpits remove by depilatory.
On the legs remove by depilatory, wax, sandpaper, or razor; the last will coarsen the new growth.
On the face remove by wax (will weaken growth) or by electrolysis (will kill it).
If the growth is slight, bleach with peroxide-and-ammonia.
Men notice superfluous hair.

Before doing rough work smooth a protective cream over your hands.
After washing, smooth a creamy lotion over your hands.
Make your hands flexible by shaking in one way or another.
File your nails to the shape that suits you.
Press back your cuticles after you've had a bath.
Chipped polish looks slovenly.
Men abhor scarlet talons.

One big good piece is better than a lot of little cheap trinkets.
One big cheap piece is better than a lot of little good ones.
In fact, One Big Piece is Best.
Men are better if they like jewelry.

Smooth on foundation cream or lotion, not forgetting neck.
Add rouge where it improves the natural shape of your face.
Add discreet eye-shadow and mascara on the upper lids only.
Paint outline of lips with a brush, fill in with lipstick, blot on a tissue, powder, and add more lipstick.
Press in powder over face and neck; remove surplus.
Men don't like women to be obviously made up.

Be sweet to old people.
Be kind to his mother.
Be nice to other girls -- they have brothers.
Don't comb your hair or clean your nails in public.
Don't order direct from the waiter.
Don't swear or drink too much.
Men hate red marks on coffee cups.

Enter it joyously and proudly.
Remember you've got to take as well as give.
There are all sorts of compensations.
Men should be encouraged to wash up.

Choose the perfume that suits you.
Spray it onto your body but never onto your clothes.
Test new perfume by trying a drop on the back of your hand.
Have different perfumes for different moods or make one perfume distinctively YOU.
Men are enraptured by perfume.

Either go with an open mind or with a rigidly-to-be-adhered-to list.
Either enlist the help of the shop assistant or don't let her make up your mind for you.
Either men like shopping or -- more usually -- they don't.

Prepare a few conversational remarks to break the ice.
Try to put the other person at his ease.
Instruct yourself in current affairs.
Join a club.
Men like a woman to be a good listener.

Cream hands thickly and sleep in gloves the night before.
Try to fit in a facial and a hair-do.
Rest for an hour with your feet up and pads over your eyes.
Make up extra specially carefully.
Oh, men, men, men.

Consult your doctor.
Send us a stamped addressed envelope.
Men are beasts.



The essay returned, and it was neither as rubbish or as good as expected. It was... mediocre... boring... I deserved it i think, for submitting such a middley essay. I was quite glad they noticed how much i'd made damn sure to stick to what they asked of me... which is why it could have done better - but it was dull and uninspired which is why it could have done worse.

I'm glad for the feedback though, i have a huge feedback gap in my life right now, i think it's cuz i'm used to it, and now it doesn't really happen, so i assume the worst!

Happy news:
Have had a lovely few days of chilling but i think i chilled too much as am cooooooooooold right now :-/ - went to wiv, frinton, clacton, jaywick, ippers, colch - basically a nice explore of ye olde local area.

Jaywick is fascinating, i'd love to work there - I don't think I could live there, I felt terrible looking around like some kind of poverty tourist, but the place in itself is fascinating. Many of the homes there are self-built by the residents and their predecessors. There is a gorgeous section of beach, and limited job opportunities, and just... it's not like the south east of england! Still upon returning home i stumbled upon the blog of a local resident who describes life there in a happy and upbeat way, suggesting it is no different to anywhere else. There are 4000 residents - and many of the houses are said to be uninhabited.

The residents seem to give really shining reviews of the place, despite the lack of amenities, drainage or plumbing. Sun is in the sky, oh why oh why would i wanna be anywhere else? It's sunny and beautiful and close, but *suffers* - I'm not sure it's even classified as deprived, its not even on the map!

It made me think a lot about what i value (the internet! running water!!!) and wonder exactly how we live in a country that can have legitimate debate about restaurants being able to charge for bottled water when they should *have* to give you tapwater by default, when people are basically ignored and left to live in houses they made themselves (but again, would i be as short sighted as to think their lifestyle bad/in need of change when they seem to be perfectly content??)

Too many thoughts, here are some links so you can get some idea of wot i'm chattin bout:

ignore the idiot comments at the end:

Sunday, 17 February 2008


Today was a nice juicy day. For work, we went and chopped up some trees, and then burned them in a feild, then drank some tea :) I love tea, and the sun was totally rockin today, like shining on my back in a groovesome way. After we had finished destroying things I came back to find D ready for a wander, so we wandered aboot in the sun for an hour or so.

Thingis with being outside all day, you kinda work up an appetite. So when i came back i was more than ready to cook up some swede mash with sweetcorn (i got all lame and called it 'swedecorn') and some roast veg, some yorkies and onion gravy... aaah cheap-version-of-bistooo!!

Aut yeh, this eve i spent feeling fat and sorting thru a mountain of receipts trying to claim back some petrol expenses etc - boring work but somebody has to do it!!

Essay results 2muro *nerves* and hopefully other joyful things in the post... rly need to be getting on with essay 2 2muro!! Kinda distracted tho by plans for the week, and the fact mello and D are planning time off next week.... fun may be a brewin!

This post feels really quite dull... :-( but today was nice in its sunny happy way :-)

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Nothing Happend / No Results Found

I am making this post for teh mello who thinks i need to update my blog. She is right, as usual, but I can't think of much to say on it.

I mean, I could rant about my essay not being back yet **GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR* but alas, that won't bring it any faster.

I kinda want to go to ippers today but the lack of money is getting me down about it. I mean, I have £30 voucher for a shop I *never* find anything good in, and my big problem at the moment is a lack of 'essentials' not 'luxuries' - I'm sure I could continue to exist for some time on the joyful collection of stuff I have got (with only a few exceptions) Ah well, I have the zoo later this week (woooooo!!) which will be fab.

I think i will drag D to ipps if I go, I am really annoyed atm about neither of my cards working. Mum got the new one yesterday so with a bit of luck it will be with me on monday!! wooo00ooo!! But yeh, It utterly sucks not having access 2 ur own stuffs!! It means I end up getting cash out and then losing it *sulk*

Next week will be a better week. It had better be, or it will kick its ass. Or just cy a bit lol.


at least it's a sunny day!!