Friday, 29 May 2009


(a cross between urgh and meh)

how i feel about having to work all weekend whilst the sun shines on!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


i got home at 9am. looked at comics (which i usually do when i get up...) and read some internets.... then made chicken nuggets & beans, (brunch?) curled up in the spare room to watch a dvd... went to sleep on the sofa around midday, after having been awake for 26 hours, woke up at 4pm, switched to bed, slept for 3 more hours, woke up... cup of tea... is it breakfast time? i was not made for night shifts.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

fire coming out of a monkey's head

Got off a plane to the country sound
I drove to the mountain and a hole in the ground
There was crack on the corner and someone dead,
and fire coming out of the monkey's head
Put me in a cab to suburbia
I just took a line but I wasn't with ya
There was more of it there, when I got back home
But you left me,you don't know my soul

summer looms!

today was so awesome hot! i was @ werk all day tho, but i got owt on my lunchbreak.

unforch i ate some cake at 5 and have been up and down since then like a crazything

like hyper-twitch izzit hotinherre? omg what's that must run over there back down to omg i am so BORED and tired, maybe i should have a nap?coooold brrrrr liedown... back to twitchwakeup what am i doing in bed get up run around... it's kinda like a hangover lol

since summer is here, i am thinking up a summer playlist, so far it includes

ndubz - number 1,

PCD - jai ho (ur my destiny)

BEP - boom boom pow,

and i cant decide if bonkers should go on there, because i will probably get bored of it soon.

kid cudi - day & nite

madcon - beggin

spiller - (groovejet) and if this aint love

lady gaga - poker face (for now, tho i bet she tops it soon)

T.I. - whatever u like

ciara - love sex magic

MGMT - electric feel

kelis etc - millionaire

justice ft simian - we r ur friends

nelly furtado - promiscuous

jamie t - if u got the money

too hyper to concentrate on this, pls 2 suggest songs 4 mah leeest.

the chosen one...

found it! £14 from peacocks :-)

Friday, 22 May 2009


the perfect summer dress cont'd

offerings from republic...

bonus points for pockets.

the perfect summer dress

sorry for the massively girly post, but i'm in the market for the perfect summer dress (tm) and aint gettin anywhere fast. here's what i need

length: it can't be a mini, i want to be able to walk, run, sit down, you know, actually live in this dress without having to wear leggings/tights or constantly fear breeses.

coverage: needs to contain top half with no need for layering with cami tops. i understand this is a tall order for most places. sleeves etc i don't really mind what goes on there.

flatterage: dress cannot be a sack with strategically placed holes.

fun: dress should be in summery colour.

easyness: dress cannot take more than a minute to put on/adjust. no fiddly bits pls.

decency: dress cannot be see thru. i do not wanna be spending moneys on something that i have to wear other clothes with in order to maintain decency.

any ideas? really it shouldn't be this difficult!!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

sexual harassment cake

sexual harassment cake, curtosy of cakewrecks.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

a totally reasonable write up of the eurovision song contest.

ok so we missed the first 4 since we were out getting some rum so analysis is slightly less detailed, as it is based on the short clips we saw at the end:

1. Lithuania - nice hat on the dude

2. Israel - looked pretty good

3. France - looked alright, apparently this lady is very famous and awesome!

4. Sweden - nah

we didn't grade this lot out of 10, but marks from 10 in yellow below, along with proffesional and slightly drunken grading notes.

5. Iceland - sings in english? quite sweet, cute dress, country ish. 6

6. Portual cute! nice accordion, nice dress, happy song 8

7. Croatia - crazy wind machine batman, cheese/folk not too bad, nice boyband twinkle in the guy's eye lol 6

8. Greece - stupid costumes, bad beat bad hip action from singer gaaaaah no! do not want 'fly to the top baby' no. +3 for conveyor belt action, +1 for smooth move, -1 for nipple action total: 4

9. Armenia - interesting costumes and dance, loose points for 'everybody move ur body' we gave 6 points for originality and staying true to own thing.

10. Russia - wearing a sheet, sounds like a cat, miserable song, sounds like cat. total: 1

11. Azerbaijan - cheese factor ++++++ pretty lady +1 for silver leg, +2 for 'man plays thing' +1 for fire, ooo! and overal 7 for danceability.

and then dunno whats goin on in the order here,

Malta - Impressive voice, nice look goin, -1 for stupid head snap thing, total: 8

Estonia - really nice beat, chillin song, brilliantly talented bunch, nice haircut, violin playing = bonne, good singing 8

Denmark - -4 written by ronan, -2 looks/sounds like ronan, +1 nice braclets, interesting ix of msicians +2, bad singer, guitar player is fit, +3 --- total, 4

Germany - oh no oh god (mir) -4 for eyebrow plucking and sparkly glitter leggings, dancers are good, +2 tap dance and +3 for DVT, and the pianist is big in germany? lol, 5 points, just.

Turkey - cool start, stupid skirts, +1 fire, +1 wiggle, +3 hot guy in a skirt +1 flip, total 7.

Bosnia - -1 white trousers, -1 bad hair, +1, looks like vampire, +1 drums, +1 stubble on lead singer, +2 actually he has a very good voice, +1 theatricality, +1 red flag/military thing goin on, total 7

Maldova - +2 stupid costume, +1 strong legs, nice voice, rough sounding, + 3 silly dancing + energy, +1, random mop, quite cool, 8.

Albania - tutu -2, +3 turquoise glitter outfit, +1 mimes, +3 break dancing mimes spinning on heads. song = rubbish, total 5

Norway - +3 danicng, +1 eyebrows, quite sweet, looks about 10, +1 playing violin, -1 girls going 'da da', but nice outfits, +1 fire tricks. total, 8.

Ukraine - 6, +2 tacky, -1 roman helmets, +1 men in skirts, +2 +1 doing the splits, the singer does some drumming whilst being dragged around by men in skirts +3 for good singing whilst being chucked around by kinky romans? total, 6 (it was a crap song)

Romania - -1 for uncomforatble looking boobies on main 'singer', +1 for forest elf outfits, -2 for blatant 'cheating with the girl in the blue dress in the corner. total: 4

23. UK woooooooooo! nice dress, very disney/ALW, very good singer, uplifting cheesefest, 8

24. Finalnd - nice dancey... what? YMCA outfit goin on, bad whiteboy rapping gonig on too, +1 fire effects, -2 for men wearing boleros - 3, total: 3

25. Spain +1 for cheese, +1 for lame magic trick, +1 for 'jumping' and +1 for interesting final note. total: 4

from italian vouge

Thursday, 14 May 2009

natural rejection

many years ago (2006 i think??!) i got a tinted moisturiser in boots from their cheapo brand 'natural collection'

it was less than 2 quid, which was brilliant, and it has lasted til, uh, about now lol.

i feel like a bit of a stig keeping make up for that long but there you go...

anyway, i replaced it this weekend, and the shade is called 'natural' - it's about the colour in the pic.

now not to be so nitpicky over wordage, but does this mean that colours other than this are less/not natural?

i'm now pissed off i didn't see it before supporting the cause with my £1.95. bad boots!

crappy job situation

i need another job, preferably one i like, that isn't too far away, that pays me and maybe actually guarantees me some hours every week. i dunno if that's too much to ask really.

i'll take a longer distance for a relevant job. i'll have crappy pay for the right area (though if the pay is so crappy that it'll cost me more to get to work than i will actually earn there then i'll reconsider!)

why is this so hard to do? every time i think i'm getting somewhere i come up againt yet another reason it's not gunna work. i like to think i'm not workshy! anyway, i'm starting a course this evening, and hopefully (fingers crossed) there will be some networking and maybe a few opportunities come up there. the current deal is like a 24 hour work week, (not guaranteed, highly variable) 8 hours of volunteering and some course just starting, need more!! anyhoo, lets keep waiting, again. can't go forwards can't go backwards just stuck in the middle waiting for opportunities to jump on!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

linux widow

teh b/f has installed linux.

all i can do it sit here and occasionally stroke his shoulder in a comforting? way as he 'meeeeeh's and weeps at every little thing that goes wrong.

it's the most beautiful sunny day today, hopefully later will mean bbq on he beach, but for now i sit here feeling confusion, sympathy, boredom, frustration.

'i've just got it back to the point i was last time i booted it up' he says.

he does it to himself, he does.

more later (it's only day 2)

Friday, 1 May 2009

congrats to the lady of teh anthology

Not a red rose or a satin heart.I give you an onion.

It is a moon wrapped in brown paper.

It promises light

like the careful undressing of love.Here.It will blind you with tearslike a lover.

It will make your reflection

a wobbling photo of grief.I am trying to be truthful.Not a cute card or a kissogram.I give you an onion.

Its fierce kiss will stay on your lips,

possessive and faithful

as we are,

for as long as we are.Take it.

Its platinum loops shrink to a wedding-ring,

if you like.Lethal.

Its scent will cling to your fingers,

cling to your knife.

Congrats to Carol Ann Duffy,

"Carol Ann Duffy has been named Britain's poet laureate. Duffy, the first woman to hold the post in its 341-year history, is known for a wide and varied body of modern poetry."

She's also the first openly gay person to has this title. Also, this is a fab pic!