Friday, 22 May 2009

the perfect summer dress

sorry for the massively girly post, but i'm in the market for the perfect summer dress (tm) and aint gettin anywhere fast. here's what i need

length: it can't be a mini, i want to be able to walk, run, sit down, you know, actually live in this dress without having to wear leggings/tights or constantly fear breeses.

coverage: needs to contain top half with no need for layering with cami tops. i understand this is a tall order for most places. sleeves etc i don't really mind what goes on there.

flatterage: dress cannot be a sack with strategically placed holes.

fun: dress should be in summery colour.

easyness: dress cannot take more than a minute to put on/adjust. no fiddly bits pls.

decency: dress cannot be see thru. i do not wanna be spending moneys on something that i have to wear other clothes with in order to maintain decency.

any ideas? really it shouldn't be this difficult!!

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Virginia Janet said...

Interesting post!! Last week, I got new style and cool looking summer dress from Casual Living...