Wednesday, 24 June 2009

twitter - why i'm warming to it...

i'm warming to it, i mean, at first i was like, 'yeh but it's just a load of facebook status updates'

but then i was like 'ah, its JUST a load of facebook status updates - cool!'

no annoying applications
ditto ads
no selective adverts
no groups

sounds really stupid
not many ppl on it
fonts r small
some really annoying people use it (tho i guess you can just not follow them)
'follow'ing people sounds really weird and stalky...


me: ... and then they'll spend it on cars which they'll probably go out and stack...
j: stack?
me: yeh stack, u know, like crash
j: who even says that?
me: what! don't you live in crawley anymore?
j: yeh i don't live in crawley like 5 years ago
me: aw. :-( omg i am totally OLD now.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

leaving double

at the start of my 22nd year, i had 2 part time jobs, and was doing a youth work course.

i finish my 22nd year with 2 part time jobs, and i'm doing a part time youth work course.

to say i stalled this year...

maybe 23 will be the year i actually get somewhere in the werld of werk and training. we can but dream!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


so i get an invite to this anti bnp group. i go have a look, and i like what i find, reasoned, point by point easy made attacks on the bnp. safe.

here it is.

there's also a site linked called 'nothing british' which is a pretty good blog, and carefully lays down it's criticisms, which include this list of crimes party members, supporters and councellors have been convicted of and this list of examples of what bnp folks actually do once they get into any sort of power.

once you get into the fb group there's the usual discussions, in which people feed the trolls, who seem to be about 17, young chris and jamie are interesting.

jamie claims to have left school because his teachers were black and asian, and as a result, his written english is difficult to understand.

"...and no icaint read or write coz i never went to skl coz all the teacher were black or asian and i could not understand them so that is y i never went to skl"


there's a 15 year old who argues beautifully against jamie and chris. she can't spell either, and she says as much. she bravely questions the lads, asking if they have any non white friends, asks him to define 'real' british people, and pointing out that the drum n bass these kids listen to come from black communities. she argues, patiently and persistently, without drowning the lads in long arguments that they probably wont be reading anyway.

i think she does a great job.

when other commenters taunt one of the lads saying he should be in special school she points out that being in 'special school' shouldn't be used as an insult, and it doesn't mean you can't read and write. 'hey i no of ppl tht go to special skls n they r not tht thick n he can obviously read n write. probs better thn me' - the good point as well being if the lad cant read or write, how are they having a multi page debate with him?

why should this poor girl have to put up with this shit from what i am guessing are highly educated people? why does it matter that either side have bad spelling or crappy grammar? i mean sometimes things can get a bit tricky to inderstand but it wasn't the case here. this girl is putting up a better / more relavant fight than the other commenters, she knows her audience.

it is not the people who attack with snotty comments like this...

Once again we are presented with the irony that BNP supporters are unable to write fluently in their native language.

Hahahahaha you really can't spell can you? This just shows how uneducated, naive and stupid you are :)

Jamie you are either a) very young or b) practically illiterate, either way, until you learn to spell & use laguage properly its very hard to take you seriously

i guess Jamie is a true representative of the BNP, naive, dyslexic and ill read

...that will bring the change. insulting people does not work! attack the ideas not the spelling! debate does not need to get personal like that! you are more likely to get somewhere with something that a person can quickly go 'oh yeh!' to and then grow from than insults and long winded rants with long werds about how thoughougly you have researched the issue. that's just peacocking.

people like ellen are the future.

and i and anyone else who is naive, dyslexic and ill read, should apparently go and join the bnp! :-O

Monday, 15 June 2009

the mid 20s crisis

as i shim from my 'early' 20s to 'mid' i have seen a fair few people thinking out loud about that mid 20s crisis. now's my turn.

having been lucky enough to have never thought i was in a crisis when i might have been (does that even make sense?) i almost wonder if it would be a good thing, but gone are the days, if there ever were those days, where i crave indecicivness, confusion and emo soul searching.

for me, the mid 20s crisis has always been 'am i a worthwhile human being and a good use of resources' (stupid business studies, 'am i a viable product'...ARGH)

i am happier now, i know what i want and even though i sometimes feel like i'm not getting anywhere fast, at least i know what i want and am heading in one of the right directions.

i'm more confident now. i look back on photos of myself at times when i deemed myself so worthless i should never have ventured out of my room, and instead of thinking 'well, i was pretty ugly and stupid looking then, maybe i should have stayed in.' i find myself wanting to go back in time and shake that person with no self esteem. tell her she is reasonable looking and certainly not offensive unless of course you listen to her which nobody does anyway because we are all stupid people with a lot to learn.

i am not more well-off now LOL

i am further from home now

i am busier now

i have purpose now?

this is long. monday morning.

Friday, 12 June 2009

madonna gets her baby...

a court ruled madonna could have a little girl from malawi.

madonna wasn't in the courtroom.

she hasn't complied with residency laws.

the child has family, but no money.

madonna brought this kid, fair and square.

i hope she is happy with her purchase.

(in other news, my grandad pointed out that by the time he was my age, he had 3 children, and i am childless. my grandad tells it like it is! perhaps i should go buy a child...)

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

on the bnp

heavy i know.

there is some dude on the telly that thinks you can't have a dialogue with the bnp, because

"they say the holocaust didn't happen, what are you gunna say, 'yes it did?'" uh YES that's exactly what you say. you don't resort to throwing eggs at people, or denying people who will vote for them the right to vote.

you take their manifesto, and you go through it, point by point if necessary, and you demonstrate the enormous holes in their arguments. ITS NOT HARD, PEOPLE, THIS PARTY ARE IDIOTS!

the rest of us are better than this, we don't need to be throwing eggs at people or not allowing them to speak. 10% of people in some places gave the bnp their votes. those people are real. you can't take away someones democratic right because you disagree with them, no matter how disgusting you find their ideas. we can't and shouldn't silence them, in time the bnp will expose themselves as the horrible, illogical and wrong people they are, and people need to see it.

and in time, they will.

Monday, 8 June 2009

brilliant (moving) video

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

drugs, picturessss, and stupid s key.

jusssssst finsihed my OCN level one (for those that do not know, it is the equivalent of a d grade gcse) in drugs awareness 4 teh individual. i now feel more aware of drugs, individually. it is a cute little course and i look forward to helping yoofs thru it in future.

in other news, rene engstrom, my fave cartoon making person, is having a sketch-a-thon. i never thought i would be so bothered about owning some artz, but srsly, i really really want 1 of her sketches. will have to check my are some of the sketches she sent out last time... i want!!

in other news, i have a long email to write and send to teh mello, but need to find new keyboard first, and go to the beach...