Sunday, 6 July 2008

what do vegetarians actually eat?

i've heard this question SO many times that i really want it answered on the interwebs.. so i am thinking of starting a blog about what i eat. i know hardly anyone looks at this blog but i wondered if i could answer an age old question with another blog, since i do like posting about food and i do have a wicked camera on my phone.

my motives are
* my mum *still* asks me what vegetarians eat.
* i'm fed up of hearing 'omg so and so is coming over and they are a vegetarian and i haven't got anything vegetarian to eat!!'
* also fed up of thinking veggies are malnourished or eat not much/never get any variety.

my issues are
* can i actually be arsed to set up a blog for this purpose?
* will i bother to maintain it... if so, when?
* is there any point?

if anyone (um.. the 2 people that read this lol) has any define inspiration pls 2 let me know!

also sorry about the spellings on here tonight i can't seem to work out if the spellchecker is on and my spelling is AVERAGE lol not terrible!! but i still apologise.

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