Sunday, 20 July 2008

slimy, yet satisfying

*random note - the titles of my blog posts are not spell checked by the comp the way the rest of my wordz are. as a result, i think a few of them are spelled wrong but hopefully u get me anyway. i refuse to believe that the above is spelled correctly, and am twitching at it. i am sure i am wrong. gaarraaggh!!

on with the post...

today there is a cheesecake in my fridge. does that sound rude to anyone or have i been left alone too long with kids that chuckle at... anything?

i love cheesecake, i think i have posted about it a few times before. my love of cheesecake is like my love of lemon iced cakes, but much much munch more.

i can't eat it... still. this is just *wrong* - right i'll explain... too much sugar (especially when eaten without anything else non sugary) makes me hyper as a 3 year old on smarties, and about half an hour later, i crash in a big way, hot/cold/tired/nauseous/headache - it's why on shopping trips i can top up with a chocolate bar, if i am tres hungry i will take the crisps instead. this is often the problem with going out drinking as well, i'm pretty sure i get half the buzz from the mixers!

i am usually pretty good with this, cuz i know exactly how rubbish the after effects are. feel pretty crap right now. wanna go to bed but am twitching. meh

so i fixed myself some munch.

in a hypercrazy mood i will cook anything and everything, and i crave more sugar cuz i think it will take me back to the hyperness -- so i have to be careful

i cooked:
a veggie sausage
the remains of some curly fries
a super noodle??
some peas
some mushroom soup that i used as a pasta sauce yesterday with sweetcorn

man that was some slimy food!

i just realised that this post is going nowhere in a grampa simpson kinda way so i will just conclude with 'it asome nice munch and now i am writing about it cuz i am bored and can't move cuz my legs ache'

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miss snowmantle said...

u posted that at 7:35 am as well! :/