Monday, 14 July 2008


you can spend your life trying not to conform but you gotta give in somewhere, and people who try to nonconform will always do so in a way that conforms with other people who are 'not conforming'. sad but true

the more different you try and be from other people the more they will look but not understand. so you gotta cut down on your silly side in order to have friends, or at least people that know you a bit but still want to talk to you.

not conforming is great fun, depending on what you are throwing away and how easy that is... however, there is a danger that you start to think yourself superior to those that conform because you personally can't see the value in what they do! that's it though, they *do* see a value in it - which make it all cool right?

i guess at some point we all have to play the game, you have to sacrifice the person you want to be for the person you want to be, if you wanna be an accountant, you can't have rockin purple hair at your cool job. if you wanna do cool fun things as a youth worker you gotta sit down and risk assess first, and then worry about it every damn day. if you wanna change the world you gotta live in it first. compromise or conformity?

priories people!

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