Sunday, 6 July 2008

getting old

a few things recently have reminded me that i am not the yoof i used to be.

well ok, i am reminded of this every time i go to work but i like to think that after office hours i am a lively silly dizzy young thing who contributes to binge drinking culture and the moral deteriation of our fine nation.


i spent about 7 minutes in Yates on saturday night. this is silly, i do actually like the place. even though they discriminate against cheapskate vegetarians who need a fried breakfast at 2pm, i love their food, i love their cheese and leek sausages, mash and peas, i love their... sameness as you go round the country, you know you can get a cheap slap up meal in yates whenever and it'll always be alright.

what i don't like is being surrounded by drunken sweaty teens, cheesy music and people that look like they have been getting ready to go out since last tuesday. i don't like no where to sit/stand/try and stay upright with all the people pushing past u, the feet stuck to the floor problem, the piss all over the floor in the toilets and the general feeling that i should have drank at least four times what i had done in order to have a decent time here. i couldn't really work out how this was to be done, since i couldn't even *see* the bar let alone get to it...

i spent so long in that sort of boozing establishment, and these days i have a short attention span, i know what i want and if it aint there, i'm gone. i can't decide if that's a clever trick you learn as you get older, not to put up with shite, or if it's a mere justification of the fact i am turning into a grumpy arse.

maybe i am just trying to pretend that i am strong willed and awesome, when in fact i am just moody and no fun!! arhh!!

*identity crisis*


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Anonymous said...

well at least we can be grump arses together lol. i think i need a litre of vodka before i step inside Yates again on a weekend night!