Friday, 11 July 2008

dreams again

i had a wickedcool matrix style dream last night, there was a poltergeist beating up puff and i was trying to find it, and then it tripped snowmantle up and i punched it in the face. then i went jumping around like i was on the moon. i often have superduper powers in my dreams, or i am really really weak (think punching someone and they hardly flinch and laugh at you, or running away but going super slow and not being able to run faster, or feeling like ur legs are so heavy you can't move) last night i had superduper powers, and i could jump really high and fight things like in crouching tiger! i realise i sound like a kid writing this, and that there is nothing more boring than reading about other peoples dreams. sorry, i felt i had to share.

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Anonymous said...

i think your dream was cool