Friday, 18 July 2008

on sloth, gluttony and being an antisocial arse

so tonight i *could* have gone to rollerworld
i could have gone for a walk
i could have done the laundry
i could have tidyed the room
i could have [insert misc housework]
i should have called my mum
my boss should have called me
i should get off my ass and go wash up my plate, maybe make a cuppa (decaf) tea

fact is, i suffer from sloth. and for that matter, i also suffer from gluttony, and the two combined are lethal. for example, tonight i had a can of beans with veggie sausages in, i cooked the whole can because i couldn't be arsed to put half the can in a plastic tub, as i am home alone and i couldn't be bothered to wash the tub up whenever i eat the rest of the beans..


also, i have a cheesecake in the fridge, and i LOVE cheesecake. but i am too full to eat it but tonight i might eat it because it is so nice. its a stawberry one, not quite a lemon but GET THIS, i have lemon cakes too! no i am not going in the kitchen, cuz i know if i do, i will do something that will make me feel ill. i know there is no room left at the inn after that whole can of beans.

so at the moment, the sloth is preventing the gluttony.

what is also preventing the gluttony is that there are people in the kitchen. nice people, i met them about 2 weeks ago when i moved in. but tonight i am also suffering from being an antisocial arse and i don't want to go in the kitchen in case i have to *talk* to someone


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Emma Darkly. said...

You must go with me to the cinema or something sometime! :) No antisociality!