Monday, 28 July 2008

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The Bechdel Test:

To pass it your movie must have the following:

1) there are at least two named female characters, who

2) talk to each other about

3) something other than a man.

So simple, and yet as you go through all your favorite movies (and most of your favorite TV shows, though there’s a little more variety in TV), you find very few movies pass this test.

I watched anchorman last night, and yeh ok.. it's anchorman.

It *nearly* passed the test when Veronica Corningstone is out with 'Helen', a character who i think has 2 speaking lines in the film, and Helen tells Veronica that Ron will read anything that is put on the teleprompter, ANYTHING.

So it passes the '2 named female characters' just about..

Having a conversation... just about, the scene is about 30 seconds long

About something other than a man FAIL

Maybe anchorman is too easy. Other recent films, Mamma Mia and Juno. both directed by women though... um... does that make a difference?

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