Wednesday, 27 February 2008

superfruit that ho!!!

So this morning I have decided that besides meth use, i am concerned about superfoods. this blog can serve as a reflection one day, on a time when people could actually be bothered to worry about things like this, as if they were actually problems.

the beeb says:

There is no official or scientific definition of the term 'superfood'. It's applied to foods ranging from oats to walnuts, spinach to yoghurt, turkey to watercress. Meat and fish contain proteins and other nutrients. Fruit and vegetables also contain essential vitamins and minerals and phytochemicals - bioactive non-nutrient components - that are good for health. Labelling some as 'superfoods' could give the impression that they are more health-enhancing than others. Generally, fruits and vegetables given a 'superfood' tag are high in antioxidants such as vitamin C.

Following EU legislation introduced in July 2007 to prevent unsubstantiated health claims being made on foods, terms such as 'superfood' will have to be backed by evidence explaining why the food is healthy. This could be difficult as there is no official definition of the term 'superfood'.

Colin, who is great, has the following to say about it:

"free radicals are basically molecules that are good at binding to the proteins in your body and stopping them working, or at least that is one side of the story. They are in fact also used by the body to signal between cells, so they are also fundamental to life. The body has many ways of controlling these substances.

just because it contains more vit c than an orange doesn't make it a superfruit, it makes it a fruit rich in vit c. you can get pills that contain 500 mg of vitamin c, are they super pills? or are they just super oranges in a compressed pill form. its all so stupid the idea a food is super is verging on ridiculous, they cant fly other than when they fall out a tree."

"if you eat a decent variety of veg then you will have no problem. don't worry for nothing. the whole world seems to be built on fear at the moment, fear of terrorists, free radicals, lack of iron. people need to stop listening so much, strange thing to say really"

So there u have it folks, superfoods. Now stop worrying.

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Anonymous said...

i think though that people are more concerned about the natural state of their food being played around with, rather than the fact that it has higher vitamin c. who knows what messing around with it could mean!