Wednesday, 27 February 2008


ok i need to stop blogging about grim shiz buuuut

at the risk of sounding v naive, I don't know how common this is here? talk to frank haven't warned me about it but then i don't think I expected them to. Talk to frank still think the kids are on acid and driving VW buses like they did when they were kids.

but yeh, here is a vid from that american show 'intervention' - feature a blurred out naked girl who has been addicted to meth for 10 years, and is apparently quite run-of-the-mill.

i need to work out how to link vids properly on this thing but one baby step at a time eh?

anyway, here's some horrible things the NY times reported on it

its a grim drug, easy to make by people who think they are 'scientists' as they make it. Making it is really dangerous as it's uber explosive, but very cheap, which is causing some really big problems. Its very addictive, and makes people 'manic' and really horny. The girl in the vid believes she is the sister of jesus and satan, and that she is an angel that no one understands, this is not an uncommon problem.

The biggest problem, doctors who work with children say, is not with those born under the effects of the drug but with the children who grow up surrounded by methamphetamine and its attendant problems. Because users are so highly sexualized, the children are often exposed to pornography or sexual abuse, or watch their mothers prostitute themselves, the welfare workers say.

The drug binges tend to last for days or weeks, and the crash is tremendous, leaving children unwashed and unfed for days as parents fall into a deep sleep.

"The oldest kid becomes the parent, and the oldest kid may be 4 or 5 years old," said Dr. Mike Stratton, a pediatrician in Muskogee, Okla., who is involved with a state program for children exposed to drugs that is run in conjunction with the Justice Department. "The parents are basically worthless, when they're not stoned they're sleeping it off, when they're not sleeping they don't eat, and it's not in their regimen to feed the kids."

Ms. Glick recalls a group of siblings found eating plaster at a home filled with methamphetamine. The oldest, age 6, was given a hamburger when they arrived at the Laura Dester Shelter; he broke it apart and handed out bits to his siblings before taking a bite himself.

Jay Wurscher, director of alcohol and drug services for the children and families division of the Oregon Department of Human Services, said, "In every way, shape and form, this is the worst drug ever for child welfare."

I hope we manage to fight this here, it worries me that it's so cheap and so addictive, and it worries me a lot more in a 'think of the children' way. I think soon i need to blog about some lolcats or something, as it's getting depressing, its also holocaust memorial week, and eating disorder awareness week so really it can only get worse :-(

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