Wednesday, 20 February 2008



The essay returned, and it was neither as rubbish or as good as expected. It was... mediocre... boring... I deserved it i think, for submitting such a middley essay. I was quite glad they noticed how much i'd made damn sure to stick to what they asked of me... which is why it could have done better - but it was dull and uninspired which is why it could have done worse.

I'm glad for the feedback though, i have a huge feedback gap in my life right now, i think it's cuz i'm used to it, and now it doesn't really happen, so i assume the worst!

Happy news:
Have had a lovely few days of chilling but i think i chilled too much as am cooooooooooold right now :-/ - went to wiv, frinton, clacton, jaywick, ippers, colch - basically a nice explore of ye olde local area.

Jaywick is fascinating, i'd love to work there - I don't think I could live there, I felt terrible looking around like some kind of poverty tourist, but the place in itself is fascinating. Many of the homes there are self-built by the residents and their predecessors. There is a gorgeous section of beach, and limited job opportunities, and just... it's not like the south east of england! Still upon returning home i stumbled upon the blog of a local resident who describes life there in a happy and upbeat way, suggesting it is no different to anywhere else. There are 4000 residents - and many of the houses are said to be uninhabited.

The residents seem to give really shining reviews of the place, despite the lack of amenities, drainage or plumbing. Sun is in the sky, oh why oh why would i wanna be anywhere else? It's sunny and beautiful and close, but *suffers* - I'm not sure it's even classified as deprived, its not even on the map!

It made me think a lot about what i value (the internet! running water!!!) and wonder exactly how we live in a country that can have legitimate debate about restaurants being able to charge for bottled water when they should *have* to give you tapwater by default, when people are basically ignored and left to live in houses they made themselves (but again, would i be as short sighted as to think their lifestyle bad/in need of change when they seem to be perfectly content??)

Too many thoughts, here are some links so you can get some idea of wot i'm chattin bout:

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