Sunday, 17 February 2008


Today was a nice juicy day. For work, we went and chopped up some trees, and then burned them in a feild, then drank some tea :) I love tea, and the sun was totally rockin today, like shining on my back in a groovesome way. After we had finished destroying things I came back to find D ready for a wander, so we wandered aboot in the sun for an hour or so.

Thingis with being outside all day, you kinda work up an appetite. So when i came back i was more than ready to cook up some swede mash with sweetcorn (i got all lame and called it 'swedecorn') and some roast veg, some yorkies and onion gravy... aaah cheap-version-of-bistooo!!

Aut yeh, this eve i spent feeling fat and sorting thru a mountain of receipts trying to claim back some petrol expenses etc - boring work but somebody has to do it!!

Essay results 2muro *nerves* and hopefully other joyful things in the post... rly need to be getting on with essay 2 2muro!! Kinda distracted tho by plans for the week, and the fact mello and D are planning time off next week.... fun may be a brewin!

This post feels really quite dull... :-( but today was nice in its sunny happy way :-)

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