Thursday, 21 February 2008


I have decided that it is time to make a decision about my hair. And i do realise how nobby and management student that makes me sound, rest assured, i hate myself.

Self hate aside, I have decided to put it to my facebook companions that have proven to be the most fantastically stylish people i have know over the past thousand years. Shall i chop my hair off?
Most people do this at some point, i do it often. I am a fool of the first water, i leap before i look (not literally - uber vertigo) and end up looking like an utter tit 99% of the time. These stylish people know this - I have ruined a good many of their pictures. I have a great talent for posing in ways that make me look fat and generally gross - er than when i pull nice faces in the mirror. maybe i should do this more often.

At least I know why i am worrying abut this: my life has been DOMINATED by bad hair. There has been very few times in my life that i have been content with my wild and untamed mane, and to this day it's greatest achievement has been not ever being ginger. Which isnt really that clever cuz i never tried to dye it ginge, and it didn't start out tht way. From it being straight as a kid when it was cool to be cute and curly, to this enormous fringe i was punished with until year 6, which made me deserving of all the bullying i ever got, to the horrible horrible look i sported in college and the first year of uni, when, frankly, i really needed a good old slap.

Not that i advocate violence to me. or anyone.

So anyway, its been a sad old journey so far, one that would have been SO MUCH BETTER if i'd just picked up the straighteners a little earlier, and sorted out that stupid kink in my side fringe. Or killed that hairdresser who tried to cut a fringe back into my hair. (i will post this on the booque avec pics so it will make more sense)

So the final question is, does it stay or go? I think a few inches off would get rid of all the nasty dry and dead bits of hair - but may make me look a wee bit more... butch?? Gah i dunno. I need a bit of help. 21 years have proven that when it comes to hair, i cant be trusted to do the right thing! so what IS the right thing???

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