Saturday, 16 February 2008

Nothing Happend / No Results Found

I am making this post for teh mello who thinks i need to update my blog. She is right, as usual, but I can't think of much to say on it.

I mean, I could rant about my essay not being back yet **GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR* but alas, that won't bring it any faster.

I kinda want to go to ippers today but the lack of money is getting me down about it. I mean, I have £30 voucher for a shop I *never* find anything good in, and my big problem at the moment is a lack of 'essentials' not 'luxuries' - I'm sure I could continue to exist for some time on the joyful collection of stuff I have got (with only a few exceptions) Ah well, I have the zoo later this week (woooooo!!) which will be fab.

I think i will drag D to ipps if I go, I am really annoyed atm about neither of my cards working. Mum got the new one yesterday so with a bit of luck it will be with me on monday!! wooo00ooo!! But yeh, It utterly sucks not having access 2 ur own stuffs!! It means I end up getting cash out and then losing it *sulk*

Next week will be a better week. It had better be, or it will kick its ass. Or just cy a bit lol.


at least it's a sunny day!!

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shoe_lady said...

Hey Minceness, which store is this £30 voucher for? :)