Tuesday, 25 March 2008


tho i did hope that i was never going to femme this blog up, but unforch, i feel the need to share some clothes i have found on my travels. tho i would usually do this on the forum, i am becoming increasingly bored of it and so resorting to bloggage. these are a bit plain, all from republic, which unforch we don't have in my humble average town :-( however, there is a public (lol - like pubic... stupid mind needs to get out of the gutter and get a life) in ippers down tup road, which i may go to at some point next week with the cool madame snowmantle. :-) there be my update. i might post something else later, probably about toast.


miss snowmantle said...

i don't think we saw any of those tops in teh repub! :(

mintspy said...

I saw the hoodie, but i like my hoodie from h&m better. did you know it is an against AIDS hoodie?? mental!