Saturday, 12 January 2008

Curry (Mild)

recipe for my latest trick, mild coconut curry with exciting stuff in it. innit. this one's probably full of fat but, meh!

mild coconut curry (dairy free, sugarfree, vegetarian, vegan, ok for people who cant eat spuds)

2 sweet potatoes
1 parsnip
some peas
(general veg really)

Boil these for 10 minutes or so

4 shallots
some veggie stock

Top n tail the shallots and take of the brown skins on them, keep them as big as you can - pop them in a pan to boil with about a litre of water and 2 cubes of veggie stock.

1 large white onion
half a garlic, cloves all peeled and squished
a nob (lol) of ginger
handful of dessicated coconut
couple of spoonfuls of curry paste
various spices
s0me oil

fry these until they smell a lot. then, pop the mix in your blender with

1 tin of coconut milk

blend until you get something that looks like a curry sauce. meanwhile, fry your 'meat' or substitute. if you are adding mushrooms, fry these too. once they are pretty much done, add the (drained) veg.

then pour the curry sauce over the whole lot and mix it about a little bit in a wok over a low ish heat. Get a ladle and spoon in the shallots, the stock they were in can either go in the curry to think it out if it needs it, or keep it cuz it will do wonders for a stew, or over sausage and mash/toad in the hole/roast dinner/anything.

keep it on the hob till you are sure it's all cooked nice. serve with whateveeer you like.

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