Thursday, 3 April 2008

free house

so i has a free house for a few days. this means many things. mainly, i am more lonely but i am not the sort to sit in and weep about a few days, i has plenny to do anyhoo. it means i must wash up. i must lock the door when i go out, and turn stuff off. many boring things, but i can't complain.

what i will be doing this week is: eating things we don't normally eat (this means dairy, sugar and spuds) I will also be watching tv in the day, or at least having it on whilst i do stuff. i will be listening to cheesy music, all the time that the tv is off. and i will probably end up watching a jane austen beeb adaptation, mainly because that's what i do when i am home alone. i will prob got ot bed too late and wake up too late as well, cuz my brain/work timetable is 10-8 and i live with a 9-5!! Jeremy kyle is on...

*update* my boring slog on ebay has returned me about 3quid. so far... but still this is annoying.

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