Tuesday, 15 April 2008

food and waste

this is gunna sound well preachy but...


the beeb are currently saying that we throw 20% of our foods away (fresh foods) and they showed a family doing it right.. or not!

* the mum cooks the food - she tries not to cook too much - this is cool

* then the kids are given the food an encouraged to eat it all - this is NOT cool, kids only have small tummies and can't eat big amounts all at once without getting bad tummies!! and plus they might end up with SCARY GUILT that leads them to have a messed up attitude to food later (eat it all, you won't get any more = be greedy for survival = overeating & binging in adulthood)

* then the mum CHUCKS THE LEFTOVERS AWAY (in a special bin!) also not cool!!

so right the food still gets chucked.. what's wrong with putting it in a tub for later? why does it need to be thrown away it's PERFECTLY EDIBLE lol -

and now they are talking about these magic things that collect (separately and expensively) and recycle waste food!! wtf!! just stop wasting food!!


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Anonymous said...

u tell 'em! :)