Sunday, 27 April 2008

thai 1 colchester, hots and nots

went to thai 1 in colly tonight and i have to say it is fab, i went their on a recommendation from a couple that include a vegetarian and a fussy eater, so i knew they would cater to our needs!!

The good:
The FOOD - I totally couldn't fault it, it was beautiful from beginning to end, the starter (we got the mixed veggies platter) was so gorgeous i nearly scrapped the main course and ordered it again, but the main was utterly wonderful!! The place was (mostly) well decorated and looked nice. The waitress was excellent and the food got there very quickly - and they had a good selection of booze, decently priced.. win.

The bad:
The witty banter of what i guess was the manager. Ok i'm being a bit mean!! lol

The ugly:
The ladies loo had a 'pretend! haha!!' barbed wire seat. Classy. Also the pic in the loos, you have to see it to believe it, but if tacky is your thing and you don't get too upset by misogynistic images of thai and british women (i assume..) then *shrugs*

Overall: good laugh, gorgeous food, amusing quirks. 8/10

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