Sunday, 30 March 2008


yeh i figured i should post this, esp as teh mel has posted hers!!

shopping summary:

yes i did spend more! ek! bad mince!

I got... 2 cute nail polishes in bright yellow & orange (i now have a neon set) yay!!

...and the belt i mentioned earlier, which goes really well with this cute mini black dress i found in miss selfridge... shame i can't find the picture on their website but it's tres cute...

also a little lemon yellow t-shirt with hearts and dots (yeh a bit kiddie but meh!) and some cropped black combats for working the fields in the summer (can't wait!)

o and a cool hoodie, which is apparently against AIDS. I've never had clothing that was for or against anything before and it is interesting. but i don't like AIDS either.

and finally... (finally) the coverted PURPLE VEST TOP that colly has been unable to equip me with! result!!


Anonymous said...

yay a shopping post! i can't wait to try out my new nail polish. and weird as this sounds, this vest is the best i've ever had lol. it feels so soft!

mintspy said...

i am still in love with my combats, and people think i am ethical now i have my anti AIDS hoodie lol