Sunday, 20 April 2008

prescott, eating disorders.

From The Sun:

The former deputy prime minister said: “I’ve never confessed it before. Out of shame, I suppose, or embarrassment or just because it’s such a strange thing for someone like me to confess to.

“People normally associate it with young women - anorexic girls, models trying to keep their weight down, or women in stressful situations, like Princess Diana.”

Firstly, i'd like to say congratulations to JP for now eating what he wants, and not binging and purging.

Secondly, i'm a bit annoyed at the way this has been reported, not only by The Sun (as above) but by the Beeb. The reporter said something like 'it was embarrassing for him to have to admit to having a girls disease'

Eating disorders are commonly associated with 'impressionable young women' they said, not middle aged men. His doctor told him it was down to stress! Obviously, not down to skinny celebrities in the media, vogue or other misc sources that eating disorders in women are often blamed on. As a proper successful MAN with a high profile job, his eating disorder was not because he wanted to look good in a bikini like a shallow woman, but because he was stressed.

Consultant psychiatrist Dr Ty Glover said: “It’s a hugely brave and courageous thing for John to come out and admit that he was a bulimia sufferer.

“It’s hard enough for a young girl to confess to, but for a high profile male politician approaching 70, it’s especially impressive."

I suppose it is difficult for those in power to express any sign of weakness. And there's only one step up from dep pm!

As the beeb say:

Never again will it be seen as a condition that only affects young women.

That's great. thanks beeb. It took JP to bring it to light as something men suffer from? That's fantastic (really) for all the male sufferers from eating disorders and disordered eating patterns. But i can't help but cringe that it took so long to highlight this illness and the sadness it brings to so many males, females and their families.

“It’s believed that one in 10 bulimia sufferers are men but I have never in all my years as a consultant specialising in eating disorders come across a man this old suffering from bulimia.

“It seriously makes me think that maybe we’re completely missing a whole audience of middle-aged men who are too scared to admit they have a problem.”

I hope they find their voice.

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Anonymous said...

they were making fun of him on Friday Night Proj and another one of those quiz shows fronted by comedians - can't remember which one. wound me up a bit to be honest. if it was their father or brother or friend, they wouldn't be doing that! but because he's in the public eye, they think it's okay. it's fucking inhumane in my opinion! kudos to him for actually having the guts to tell everyone about his condition; he probably knew ppl would laugh but he did it anyway