Saturday, 5 April 2008

rent, reviews, romford, rum

I love rum, it is very nice. I esp like morgans spiced rum, with cola, and old navy rum. mount gay is also very nice. and havana club is ok i suppose. and bacardi will have to do if there is no real rum. and i forgot, miss snowmantle (who, by the way, has posts tagged rent, reviews and romford, but not 'rum' - which personally i think is despicable!! :-P)had some very nice rum from barbados that her mum brought her...

rum is nice. nicey nicey rum. i would quite like some now actually, but the rum is gone.

can i just add, that even though i love the fictional cap'n jack sparrow, that is not the reason i love rum, it just makes rum even more cool (thanks, disney)

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miss snowmantle said...

cockspur rum! thats the one my mum brought me :D i will post about rum tomorrow lol