Thursday, 3 April 2008

things that make me smile

today i went to work (at 3pm lol, i love my job) and the sun was shining, and lily allen was on the rad. her song 'smile' made my summer last year!

so i thought i would make a list of things that make me smile - here goes:

1. Sunshine - i love the summer, it is by far the best season ever and I CANT WAIT for this summer.
2. Late nights, warmth and light til late - make the day so much longer! Again, I love.
3. Summer songs - (there is a theme going on here) but estelle & kanye west's new song, american boy is cool in a summertime way (i'msure i will be really annoyed by it in a couple weeks but meh.. LDN and Smile are also groovy summer choons and this time of year i am SO GLAD i'm not listening to the wrong radio station.
4. Bright colours - green, yellow, blue, orange, pink - u name it and i love it.
5. BBQs - as a veggie i love BBQs as much as the next fish.. i just always has to bring my own stuffs! bah... but i LOVE too.
6. Driving... to THE BEACH or anywhere for that matter, bovverd not.
7. Summer hols - school hols mean much more work for me, and i love my work.
8. Smoking.. aaah i love smoking. Bad, so limited.
9. Wrapping all my food up in tortillas. I don't know what i did before I discovered this awesomeness.
10. Pretty things, and shopping. Erk, and i have got to number 10 without mentioning RUM. I will have to dedicate a post to it 2muro or something. :)


Anonymous said...

omg how could you forget to mention rum?!?!?!

mintspy said...

I will soon do a post about the joys of rum. I am now off to search your blog for posts about rum. :-) ;-P