Wednesday, 2 January 2008

how do they keep this up?

ok, so i am quite in awe of some coolfolks who make great blogs that are fun and ranty and cool and i get online and am like 'urg, dunno what to write now...' meh!

i've just spent the best part of an hour playing with layouts and colours and i still HATE my fonts but not to the point of throwing all my toys out of my cot and giving up. i'm not a quitter, i've been smoking and not smoking for about 7 years now and i'm not going to stop stopping and starting again and stopping. it just isn't me. or is it?

ok bored of this elusive stuff. i'm starting to sound like... someone.

this year I am going to make a stand about feminist issues and stuff. posts to come one I have formulated an exciting rant. Yes.

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