Thursday, 3 January 2008

0845 355 0440

so this mornings call has now taken up my entire morning,

I called 3, they took some details and put me on hold... i asked them to call me back... they did and i very stupidly missed it, so after 10 minutes i called them again & spoke to 'K'

i was on the phone for 35 minutes. they wanted my 3 number (which i don't have on account of ordering the contract yesterday) it turns out that 0845 355 0440 is in fact the number of 3s credit control company. the reason there is no proof of this is...

K told me he couldn't tell me if the credit control company had called me or not because my 3 account is not live yet

this gave me 2 scenarios - either
it WAS the credit control company and there is a problem, meaning my account will NOT be activated EVER so i will never know... except when 3 weeks later i think 'where is my damned phone??'

it was a scam and my phone will show up 2muro as promised by 3. which leaves me none the wiser and 35 minutes of calltime down, and my morning wasted.

So K ummed and eered a bit and put me on hold for about 9 minutes. He was very polite about it, one thing i will say is cs have excellent manners. he consulted the rest of the team, and between them, they actually managed to put me through to CREDIT CONTROL wooop!!!

they told me that their number is indeed 0845 355 0440 and because 3 had passed me on to them, did i now trust that they were the credit control company? I only had Ks word for it but he was representing the 3 network. they asked me how long i had lived where i do etc etc and oddly enough who i used to live with in my old house... i asked why on earth they needed to know that? they didn't ask for spellings of their names or anything like they did with my name... i give up. they said it was to prevent identity theft.

anyway they don't want people to call them and they are another department... so they don't give you ANYTHING to verify yourself that they are who they say they are.

so i asked how, as a new 3 customer i had any chance of telling for sure that it was actually 3 on the line, and not just anyone after my details? Nancy had told me to call back the number on the website, so i googled the number. Nothing. if you google it in brackets then this blog comes up and nowt else. no proof at all that it comes from 3!!

so anyway their fax number is 08707 330 362 and their email is (they told me this on the phone)

use these to verify that you are indeed talking to three's credit checking company, and not some evil scam artist. it's the best advice i can giveat the moment but i will keep you posted.

another thing--- by law the company name should show up on your handset when you get a call or text, but be careful, ThreeService etc is not necessarily 'Three'

As far as i can tell today, after extensive time wasting research is that 0845 355 0440 is indeed the number 3s credit checking company will call you from, despite no mention of this on their website to put your mind at rest.

If you still aren't sure, call 3 - their number is on the website

i'm now going to type a bunch of stuff to get this on a google search for fellow distressed people: 08453550440 three credit check credit checking service help number 0845 3550440


Leo said...

I found this blog by 'googling' the number 08453550440 after my own experience with them.

I had recently applied to 3 mobile & been rejected on a technicality..
I appealed to the credit department by letter & 3 days later recived a missed call voice mail on my phone to call 08453550440.
The message said they were from 3 & they wanted to discuss my application. I was suspicious as caller id on my phone said they call came from 0782333333! That struck me as very dodgey so I googled the number & got this Blog.

I proceeded to call 08453550440 with caution and only confirmed my name & address, I refused to give out or confirm any more information as I was unsure who these guys were.
When I refused to answer any more questions they guy I spoke to said they had recived my letter & everything checked out so If I would call the sales line again I would have my contract accepted immediatley.

I did phone sales & he was right my contract was accepted straight away! So it seems 08453550440 is 3 Mobiles credit department... they just seem to have a very strange way of working.

with mintspy... said...

Heh, well done and congrats for getting past them. I am really glad you found this by googling, I always search for random numbers that call me on google and i felt i needed to let people know what this number was!!

My story is a little sadder, after spending £40 on the phone to the 3online, going into the store several times and wasting a lot of energy on them, I finally heard that they were never going to connect my phone and would be sending me a bag to post it back to them in (yes, they sent me the phone without approving me...)

I'm quite happy to send it back, to them, they just don't seem to want it... random!!

I think it's right to be cautious tho, 3 need to sort it out! :-)