Wednesday, 2 January 2008


it's the second day of the new year, so i decided i would sort some stuff out! i spent the first half of the day writing an essay, all good so far... but then in the afternoon i decided to go make some calls:

first i called my phone company...

i had asked them a month ago for my code so i could flip my phone over to a different /better/cheaper/more polite network and they said they had to send it in the post.. fine... i gave them my address but they missed off a whole line of it! that's quite important!! whatever... but yeh it never reached me.. so i asked if i could have it over the phone... nope, because it has expired!!!

it took them a whole month to cock up sending it to me! bastards! i have to call again 2muro now which is utterly lame!

i've ordered my new phone now! woop!

anyway, second phone call, payment of fees....

nope, i'm not allowed today as they are a bit disorganised... riiiiiight

who else did i call... ah yeh, the job i one day hope to have... they said they'd call back. i've been waiting since the end of september. i wonder if i can get any compensation for the waste of my life?

what a waste of an hour.. at least it wasn't my phone bill!

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