Thursday, 3 January 2008

verify your details?

this morning I had a call from a lady called 'Nancy' who was allegedly from 3.

she said she was from credit control and she asked me to verify who I was. I told her that I was not going to give out bank or personal details over the phone and that I had no way of knowing she was calling from the 3 network.

she said ok, and to check the three website. the 'contact us' details are not this number (07782 333333) and the message that was later sent to me from 'Three' said to call 0845 355 0440 which doesn't seem to show up anywhere online.

the first number I later found on the 3 website, after first finding it in numerous forums where it was suggested it might be a scam. the second number still does not seem to be online anywhere and I am still at a loss as to if it was a genuine call or not.

what i would like to know is:

a) what their policy is for phoning customers and asking for their personal details
b) giving my number and details out to third parties and
c) what numbers I can and cant trust to be the 3 network?

they said they would be back to me in three (geddit???) working days...

next plan is to call customer services, who the internet tells me are incredibly stupid and unhelpful.

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