Monday, 23 June 2008

primani shocker

on the beeb right now is the 'primark - on the rack'

so far, they have highlighted

primark are against
* home working
* poverty pay
* child labour

- there are problems in keeping tabs on that, as experienced by all companies, and like most companies, primark send inspectors to make sure that the work done for their clothes is done in factories, however,

*subcontractors and factory manager can send garments home with their workers as homework without primani finding out - panorama can find this out though!

* as a result of this, children are employed, and people are paid below living wages

* women can be paid 52p a day - that's half of the legal minimum wage


the prog has some heavy criticisms for the thowaway culture and bright, fashionable young things, poking fun at obessive primark shopping stories, and footage of the stampede on oxford street, amusing anecdotes about fights over pretty things, trends and thowaway fashions.

i'm kinda glad they compared the womens wages to the minimum wage. i get annoyed when shocumentaries start telling you 'this person earns 7p an hour!' and you are like 'oh no! that's terrible!' but if that 7p can get them just as far as the £5.52 can get us, you start to think... so why is it so bad? i mean it is, but i can't help but think we have a distorted picture.

i'm glad there have been some talking heads on the show as well who say things like 'just because something is cheap, it doesn't mean unethical practices, and just because something retails at a much higher price, that doesn't mean it was made in ethical ways.

makes me think...

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